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Functional Fitness Trainer

men and women functional fitness workout

From beginners to Pros... Our training sessions will give you all the tools, exercises and workouts to enhance any level of clients' life and provide tailored progressive growth. We will assess and decipher areas of opportunity to ensure safety and specificity to your goals and desires. Your personal trainer has a plan that will strive to bring out the best in you! Functional exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for your normal daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. With COVID19 being a serious issue, we incorporate discussing your covid mental state as part of this training. Covid is affecting everyone differently due to various reasons.

Lets together get stronger to beat covid 19 so we can side step this road block and move towards a brighter future. The next step in your personal growth starts with the right MINDSET that is within YOU.

What Is Functional Fitness Coach?

A functional fitness coach combines a systematic coaching process and personal training to empower clients to develop a fit lifestyle as well as the ability and self-confidence to maintain a fit lifestyle. Our sessions are dedicated to the client that is signed up, as we are client focused. So you don't have to worry about someone else joining your session. It will be a one on one session with your coach.

Are we Certified Coaches?

All coaches are certified in all areas of training provide by MINDSET from helping individuals deal with COVID  to recovering from injuries to trying to push limits. Our Coaches on top of being certified, have personal experience from playing Elite level sports. Also the benefits with training with a coach are that they will tailor the workout best for your goal and body type. Most people search and try out different workout programs and end up quitting. This happens because your yes your losing the focus but your not seeing the results. Some training programs are not right for everyone. A coach is trained to understand their clients body so they can help them optimally train their body.

For a beginner, should you do functional exercises under supervision at start?

As with any type of exercise, it is better to at least be shown the proper form. For most movements there are just a few key points you need to focus on, which will greatly reduce the risk of injury when performing them. Once you learn these little points it is very easy to do functional training by yourself. Our Mindset system as incorporates mental fitness training which is just as important as physical fitness, so we incorporate mental challenges to connect your mental game to your physical fitness game.

YES! Functional fitness incorporates muscle groups across the whole body and it is beneficial to any type of person no matter what their fitness goal is. It builds lean muscle and helps you lose weight if that’s your intention, and athletes right up to the professional level use this type of training for conditioning because it brings a well-rounded aspect to their often highly-targeted training regimes.

Functional fitness coaches practice the basics

You ask the why the basics? I don't want to waste time on the basics. The basics create proper structure from the start. You can build on the basics and get more advanced. Just like in basketball, you start with holding the ball and shooting with one finger so you get the proper feel for how the ball should roll off your hand. You practice this many times before moving on. Taking a free throw, do you practice this once then move to another spot and practice once there as well? No, you practice in one spot 100+ times then move to the next. When you create this routine, it allows for you know the process to be consistent and tune out any distractions. Being able to tune out distractions is key when getting to an elite level sports where you will have fans screaming at you both good and bad feedback. 

Mental toughness training for athletes

Mental toughness training for athletes is another key aspect of fitness training, that is essential to success. If your teen is looking to become an Elite athlete that will go to university or go directly to the pro's, having the right MINDSET is key. Our founder has gone through this experience first hand playing Division I and getting drafted. So we're not like the others just claiming to know what its like. 


Our coaches are here to take your physical & mental performance to the next Level!

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