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13 Effective Ways to Level Up your Mindset

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Changing Your Mind, Will Change Your World.

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Our true potential of what we can achieve in this life is based off of our Mindset.

Notice the stairs in life have pauses of upward motion? That's exactly how life is sometimes too. Even if you have a proper mindset, some days are about maintenance and smaller forward steps in order to eventually reach the top. The challenge is sometimes those flat sections can take longer and more effort than we expected. And have tendencies to create fear or doubt of successful results. But, realistically if we keep a strong and healthy mindset, eventually our persistence and diligence will get us to the next step.

Stairs leading up with multi level to show an example how life is sometimes

If we see life with open ears, eyes and heart, with the willingness to fail, then you're steps ahead of many people. When you break it down mind-set, we can see it is a connection of our mind to a certain "set" way. When we look at different cultures and countries, the mind-set can be very different depending on the environmental hardships or religious philosophies. Yet, certain aspects amongst all of them is still shared. The concepts that embody a healthy mindset is almost identical across all human beings. The way each person goes about it is a totally different story. To each their own, and everyone should embrace that. Just because something works for one person, it might not get the best results for another. However, staying open minded and willing to grow will lead you to the correct path. Trial and error is a big part of developing our mindset, plus we need to keep certain KEY aspects in our routine to maximize our potential. Trial and error takes a longer time when self developing vs having a Coach. Coaches study and train how to help different individuals get to their best end results.

13 Effective Ways You Can Upgrade Your Mindset:

1) Change Self Talk

Conversations you have within your mind are a direct reflection of your Mindset. If you tell yourself “I am not good enough to achieve my dreams”, your thoughts will create your reality and your mindset will hold you back from reaching any dreams in life. To upgrade your mindset, be confident and have positive self-talk. That will lead you to a self empowerment mindset. Sounds cliché I know, but telling yourself “I can do this” or “I got this”, really works. Telling yourself and believing in yourself will not maybe come day 1, You might tell yourself "I can do this" but really you don't believe it, nothing will change but over time continuing to have this self talk will change how you Believe.

2) Change how you Speak

In the wake of changing your inward chatter and the story you are advising yourself, change the manner in which you converse with others. Stay away from phrases like "I'm generally similar to this" or "I'm continually doing this" for empowering a development mentality. Besides, make it a tendency to discuss the things that are working out in a good way in your life as opposed to grumbling and discussing your issues. This will empower a mentality of plenitude rather than dread and need. Keeping a gratitude mindset is key for showing others how the inside voice is operating.

3) Decide the outlook expected to accomplish and act according

Pick an objective you need to accomplish and ask yourself: "Which attitude do I have to accomplish this objective?" and "Which outlook do individuals have that were fruitful at this objective?".

For example, sound and fit individuals may share the mentality "I love managing my body, fueling it with different food sources and practicing each day.". On the off chance that it's your objective to be sound and fit, go about it as though you as of right now HAVE the outlook of a solid and fit individual. Thusly, you are essentially deceiving your mind to embrace another mentality and building it up with activity. See it to believe it... This is similar to the common phrase "fake it until you make it"... ;however, affirming in yourself abilities and traits, is having a DEEP belief in yourself, compared to just copying someone because they are simply wealthy or talented. It has to be done from within to create the true outer manifestations.

4) Learn Regularly, Apply a Developmental Mentality

Life is a progressing experience, so how might we truly think we know everything. Conceivably new research comes out, new organizations of individuals tag along, we never should quit learning. In any case, numerous individuals pick a fixed mentality, that represses their capability to amplify their abilities and achievements.

Read online web journals from extraordinary minds to comprehend and embrace their reasoning. Read websites about how the thoughts and mind functions. Gain from attitude specialists through online courses, occasions, and instructing.

Here are my top #1 Mindset books:

"The change maker" by John Berardi

Change Maker book cover by John Berardi

A book geared towards passionate fitness trainers and health experts, but can help anyone as it dives deeper into learning how to find your "why" towards a passion and helps you create a roadmap to elevating your thought process to make things easier and more efficient. Excellent for self reflection and life/routine awareness, as you answer questions as you go, and slowly build your own road map to change.

Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE: The Peak Performance Toolbox book cover

From setting goals, to focusing on the now, to how you act. These are all especially important. There are many little acronyms through out the book to help you remember the important lesson. ACE and WIN are just two examples (Acting Changes Everything and What's Important Now respectively).

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck book cover

A counterintuitive approach to living a good life... An excellent read to see things from a different perspective. As well focused towards finding meaning in important things in life and only having those values that an individual can control. Focus on what you can control, and make lemonade with lemons. Learning not everyone can win, and that's good; failure leads to forward growth if used correctly.

5) Encircle Yourself with Similar Individuals

Need to redesign your cash and achievement attitude? Begin spending time with individuals that are extremely effective and appear to have a plenitude of cash streaming their way whenever. It is simpler to adopt another mentality when you see that it is working for others. Figure out how they think and adjust their every day tendencies to coordinate with their outlook. Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is a guaranteed way to keep pushing yourself forward and consistently improving to make yourself better everyday.

6) Make another Daily practice to help Growth Mindset

Incorporate amazing habits into your day that help your mentality change and reinforce your speculation with action. Give yourself opportunity to learn and grow by adopting a habit that helps you thrive. In the event that you are updating from "fixed" to "development" mentality, plan time for learning and begin consistently taking notes for new knowledge and accomplishments. If you are transitioning from "objective" to "venture" mentality, work on being careful, appreciating the current second and commending little victories.

7) Jump out of your Comfort Zone

On the off chance that you put yourself in circumstances that challenge you, you have no other decision than to meet people's high expectations and update your attitude. It turns into a need to endure.

So ask yourself "What circumstances would I be able to place myself in, that will expect me to function on a higher mindset?". Fundamentally, the thought is to design your current circumstance to prepare your brain for the future endeavors. Development comes structured outside of our usual range of familiarity. We can never develop from staying in a set limit. Use feelings of your capacities and ability, to move toward new challenges with an open outlook. You never know unless you try!

8) Create Affirmations

Affirmations train our subconscious and conscious mind to think and believe in different characteristics that we are trying to attain or currently have. Affirmations such as "I am ___" or "I will ___" create a mindset that moves towards those traits and creates more belief and confidence in being those aspects. Many people use " I will NOT...." (i.e " I will not be impatient", "I will not get angry") The brain can not distinguish NOT out of the statement; and, usually moves us closer towards what we do NOT want to be. The mind hears "impatient" or "angry" and will subconsciously focus on those aspects. Instead saying "I will be patient", "I will be calm" are more positive and helpful statements for the mind to create a better outcome in those situations. Focus on what you want to be, and avoid negative reverse psychology.

Meditation allows for stillness of our mind, body, and spirit, but also a deeper connection of our higher purpose and elevated consciousness towards reflection and perspectives. Meditation helps reduce mental health issues due to calming the mind from life's over stimulation, and creating more gratitude from enlightened self awareness. Meditation taps into multiple brain waves that each release different endorphins that can help with: relaxation, repairing, digestion, higher intellect, and cognitive rationality. Aligning our chakras (energy spots) with purpose and proper alignment heightens the power of our vibrations, and overall frequency. This is helpful in boosting the effectiveness of energy casted into the universe for desired manifestations. When we meditate, we envision our next steps, and how we will go about it. This awareness elevates our mindset's potential.

10) Journal Gratitude's

Gratitude changes how we look at life. If we are grateful, we see the best in all situations and enjoy life better because we actually see what we have versus don't... Writing down gratitude's reminds us in our daily routine of how much we truly have and should be thankful for everyday. Living in the 1st world is a gift nonetheless. Even with the harsh reality of making a living whilst on the pursuit of happiness. Seeing those gratitude's helps switch the mindset from being anxious and thinking "what's next", to "what's here & now."

11) Write down your Goals and Dream

Writing down anything is better for our mind to remember. This is why writing consistent notes is more effective than typing. Visualization is key to help drive and motivate our mindset to work towards those goals and bigger dream. The more we see that goal or dream, the more it will fuel our effort level in our daily routine. Sometimes we need that reminder just to ensure we don't lose sight of the process that gets us to the bigger picture.

12) Stay Humble

Our ego can mislead us into being boastful or ignorant, and this becomes an issue for a successful mindset. Letting your head swell, or mouth get too big, can cause problems and issues along the road. People tend to not interact with individuals like that, as they are unpleasant and annoying to be around. Staying down to earth and treating everyone with respect and poise, will help build relationships and further uplift your consciousness towards success. Humble individuals try to pull people up, so they are on even ground. Narcissistic people push people down so they can feel as if they stand up taller. People who are humble will be more confident and relaxed in their demeanor because they typically have less enemies and tend to use their ears and eyes more than their mouth. A good example is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

13) Stay Active, Fit and in tune with Nature

Physical well being is essential for a healthy mind. Many endorphins release from activity, and the experiences we have can be memorable. Positive effects off "good" stress helps the body grow in order to make those desired tasks become more efficient and easier in the future. From weight lifting to cardio, conditioning or yoga and even tai chi. The more you do it, the better you'll become. Growth comes from repetition and trusting the process. All these possibilities give limitless potential for anyone to find an activity that they enjoy and can use to better themselves. For optimal performance, one should practice activities that help mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, coordination & balance, Think about the quality of living you'd like to maintain, or the adventures you'd like to experience. Without proper fitness and health, none of that is possible. So use it or lose it... It's much easier to maintain than try to fix a major problem down the road. As well, getting out into nature for fitness or anything, is helpful for tuning back into the present moment and embracing life around us. Activities outside are definitely helpful for bettering the mind and naturally uplifts our mood and emotions. Nature grounds out negative energy, and the sun gives us Vitamins and warmth of the soul. Being more relaxed, stable and in control all plays a role in how we plan, think, act for the future to come.

Our Mindset is connected to so many aspects of our lives because it is the root for much of our life choices. The way we plan, think, act, asses, completely gets affected by our mindset. If we control what we can control, and focus on the process, we will constantly be striving for betterment and efficiency. We must realize that our world is a manifestation of our mind. Everyone is seeing it in their own way, and some better than others. But, how we perceive life can completely change our perspectives of our situations or surroundings. If you want to see your life grow, start with the roots, and make a strong foundation that supports growth, good stress, developmental set backs and success. Having routine and consistency will always be the most effective way to achieve any feat. Develop a Mindset that is going to elevate your lifestyle to next level.


Stay strong...Stay healthy...Stay consistent & Keep developing yourself

Level up!




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