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27 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

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A growth Mindset is such a vital tool in becoming our best self. The ability to consistently learn willingly, is something you would think most people would try to pursue. But, many people tend to get fixated on one way of thinking or seeing life around them. This issue hinders so many peoples potentials because they're only doing what they were taught or conditioned to do. Many people honestly don't know any better; therefore, we must guide each other and try to see everyone uplift themselves. Having a coach or mentor is priceless in ensuring smooth learning curves and consistent positive growth. Having an outside view and opinion can enlighten your perspectives in ways you never thought of. As well, having certified and experienced individual in this field is definitely going to decrease wasted time and effort.

An individual who can see any person, experience or failure as a learning opportunity is definitely going to grow. Living with this mindset allows for higher efficiency and success in any endeavors. No matter if it's health or business. Any avenue will become brighter and smoother with a growth mindset. The reason is due to better open-minded thinking, and increased self-awareness. Those two traits create butterfly effects that positively effect aspects such as relationships, work, business, health, routine, and consistency. As well, this allows for smarter improvements and quicker adjustments along the way. The more we learn, the more we can apply...

The more we are open to learning, the higher we can go... We will never know everything, and nor should we. But, consistently staying hungry for new knowledge in the process will ensure steady forward progress on the journey.

Here are the 27 Effective Ways to build a Growth Mindset

1. Acknowledge and embrace imperfections

Hiding away from your shortcomings implies you'll never defeat them. No matter what society or others think is perfect or best, we each have our flaws and should embrace them. Our differences makes us unique, and for each flaw is some type of real beauty. Looks will fade, and time and effort eventually improve our desired skills anyways, but character and mindset will stand to the end of days. Depending on what you call a "flaw" it may be something you can improve on or change with hard work, if you are willing to stay consistent and keep growing. True beauty is on the inside, the cover of a book can be very deceiving.

2. View challenges as opportunities

Having a development outlook implies savoring openings for personal growth. Become familiar with how to flop well. We need challenges in our life to push us out of our comfort zone, and force us to adapt and improve. If everything were easy, would it feel as gratifying?... Would the pursuit of success be worth the end result. Challenges and hardships are what reveals our character. Sometimes we can look back and see how thankful we are for the tough times, that strengthened our mental toughness and tenacity.

3. Attempt different learning strategies

There's no one size-fits-all model for learning. What works for one individual may not work for you. Find out about learning techniques, that suit your style and nature and see that everyone can learn whatever they want if they realize the best approach for their mind. Not everyone picks it up on the first go, and some people need repetition to get the hang of it. But, knowing what learning style is best for you, will help you succeed more often and enjoy the learning curves of new things.

4. Follow the exploration of mind versatility

The brain isn't fixed; the psyche shouldn't be either. A fixed brain would never be able to function on the level that it does, and we would surely stop functioning completely if that were the case. So why should our mindset be fixed? Do we really know anything... or is it from conditioning, our environment, school text books, life experience and mentors. No matter where the information comes from, there can always be a situation that doesn't follow exactly suit. So, if we stay versatile we give ourselves the chance to be more adaptable for whatever comes our way.

5. Replace the word “failing” with the word “learning”

At the point when you commit an error or miss the mark concerning an objective, you haven't failed; you've learned. This learning curve gives you the opportunity to adjust and try again. It's very easy to get discouraged from failure, but it's unrealistic if you believe things will come on the first go. See the beauty in the process and enjoy the journey. The most successful people have failed more then most are willing to even attempt. Keep trying, keep learning...

6. Stop seeking approval

At the point when you focus on endorsement over learning, you hinder your own potential for development. Needing outside approval is an extrinsic style of motivation. A growth mindset is intrinsic and fueled by deep self-awareness and desires. As we progress through life, our circle of friends tends to shrink, and those people you may be looking for approval from won't be there anymore. Does that mean give up? of course not, does it mean sulk when someone doesn't like you? Definitely not... But it means a shift of motivation needs to occur. We can see it now a days on social media... It's all about the likes, and many peoples' self esteem is governed by others approvals of their posts. If you're posting for the right reason it won't matter if its 1 or a million likes. Both should give you the same level of gratification. It all depends on your mindset...

7. Value the process over the end result

Smart individuals appreciate the learning interaction, and wouldn't fret when it proceeds past a normal time period. Sometimes it takes longer than we expected to reach a goal, but persistence and hard efforts will create the desired outcome. We tend to be so focused on the results that we forget to enjoy the moments that create it. Would the gratification feel the same if it happened over night? Probably not, because the investment of time and effort wouldn't be the same nor would you learn how you got there. For Example, many dream of winning the lottery and have spent the money before they even won it. So appreciate the process, and embrace the journey, thinking "point A to point B" will be a very fast and boring life. Enjoy the little things, because they make the bigger picture.

8. Develop a feeling of direction

A development mentality creates a more prominent feeling of direction. When we set out on a path that leads us to our goals, or desires, we feel as if the road is being paved as we walk it. But, if we have no sense of direction it feels as If we are in a jungle chopping in any direction hoping it leads to the promise land. Think of creating a mindset that has bumper rails, that no matter if you veer off the road, it will steer you back on course. Having this mentality creates reassurance for reaching the end result. If not, then set backs and human nature will eventually make it very hard to stay in action phase and feel motivated that you're still moving forward. Imagine going in the woods without a compass, without vast knowledge of wilderness survival, you'll probably end up lost. So, find what creates your mindset compass, and ensure you never get lost.

9. Celebrate growth with others

In the event that you really like development, you'll need to convey your advancement to other people. Having a support team that celebrates your growth with you is great! This is not about boasting or showing off, but sharing the little wins with close friends or family, and feeling good that others are supportive and happy for your growth. Our motivation needs to be intrinsic, but a little outside boost never hurt!

10. Highlight growth over speed

Catching on quickly isn't equivalent to learning great, and learning admirably in some cases requires permitting time for hiccups. Development is a process, and can't be rushed. The value of quality over quantity goes a long way. Practice makes permanent not perfect... so if you overstep the importance of efficient development, then you'll be lacking in your potential for better results. The tortoise beat the hare... why? because the tortoise calculated its routes and planned its correct path before choosing it. On the other hand, the speedy hare ran in all directions trying to be fast, only to be forced to turn around numerous times and backtrack, because of its rash decisions. It may take 1,5,10,20+ years to achieve greatness. But, it all depends on how willing you are to achieve greatness...

11. Reward activities, not Characteristics

Tell someone when they're accomplishing something intelligent, not simply being brilliant. We tend to commend people for their characteristics instead of the amazing feats they accomplish. Praising others for what they do is much more important than boosting their ego about a skill or trait. Let them use it and make the most of it. Praise should be a reward of action, not personality. An issue in society is people are being praised for characteristics before really using it. This is a sure way to set people up for anxiety of success and depression from failure.

12. Redefine “genius”

Being a genius requires difficult work, not ability alone. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard... Geniuses are individuals who dedicated an ample amount of time to a subject or skill. it takes 10,000 hours or reps to be anywhere near mastering something... If you look at any "master" of their field, they definitely had mentors, set backs, failures, and a long time of a diligent routine and consistency. They create a solid foundation that allows them to keep growing exponentially. If you try to get ahead of yourself, then eventually the load is too much to bare and eventually will collapse. This will set anyone up for a huge setback that may be very hard to bounce back from. Respect the word "genius" and know it won't come easy nor should it.

13. Portray criticism as positive

You don't need to over think the term, "useful analysis," however you do need to trust in the idea. Having quantitative measurements and analytics helps make smooth adjustments, and create better efficiency and effectiveness in whatever you're striving for. Journaling and tracking information is very helpful in ensuring forward development. However, "over analyzing" can hinder our possibilities because it becomes suffocating as it creates "paralysis by analysis". Over thinking or too much of anything is good for nothing. Yet, a good balance of analytics and "real life feel" blend well together to create a perfect harmony. We have the opportunity to see so much with technology and new tools so use them wisely, and with a grain of salt.

14. Disassociate improvement from failure

Quit expecting that "opportunity to get better" converts into disappointment. We always have room for improvement, but that shouldn't lead us into being upset with ourselves just because we need to improve. Disappointment should only happen if you completely stop striving to be better and have become stagnant or plateaued. Every day something new can happen that changes the way we live or think. New tools, technology, books, etc are coming out all the time. If we thought every time we bought something new and improved it was a disappointment for the last item, then they would have nothing to be trying to improve from. See yourself as an app that constantly needs updates. Nothing to be upset about, just necessary to help run more efficient with less bugs ;)

15. Provide regular opportunities for reflection

Reflection allows us to step back an analyze if we took the best steps or could of handled a situation better. Self-reflection is a necessity of a growth mindset, without it we won't see the important adjustments or small wins that we needed to see. Reflection doesn't have to be only for improvement, but for a pat on the back when a job is well done. Reflection is a skill that if used properly will ensure forward progress as it allows for "reality checks" on a daily basis. No matter what the issue is, keen self-reflection will create a road map to figuring out the next step. This freedom of detaching from our past objectively will create a heightened self-awareness that guides us to stay even keel and on the constant pursuit for betterment.

16. Criticism can be positive

"Constructive criticism" is a loose term used to acknowledge information we need to hear for the better. Having an outside opinion give you feedback that might not be the answer you're looking for, is very helpful in knowing what adjustments you'll need to make in order to create better results. No matter if it's from your parents, boss, coaches or friends, if you take it the right way, then you'll always be growing and not taking everything to heart. Some of the best athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, have been criticized for the better and in return they made changes that uplifted their performance. Would you rather hear something a bit unpleasant but will help you in the long run? or would you rather people tell you everything is fine, even though your far from your potential. Criticism is about perspective, if we see it the right way, it will be very beneficial.

17. See the connection among learning and "brain training"

The mind resembles a muscle that should be worked out, just like the physical body. So we need to consistently work on our brain with puzzles, games, challenges, and activities that stimulate brain development. If we see the importance of preparation and training in other aspects, we should definitely be working on our mind. Having sharp problem solving skills, or lightning memory is all helpful in tackling your daily routine to create more success in whatever goals you're striving for. For Example, if you want to squat 225lbs but never done it before, depending on your strength you may muscle your way through it, and probably strain yourself. Same applies for your mind, if you've never done something and then jump into an advanced level of progression, potentially you're setting yourself up for failure. Start slow and work your way up, know your capacities and don't watch other people, you don't know how far ahead or behind in the process they are.

18. Develop Tenacity

Having determination is definitely going to increase self-approval and drive. Being able to endure and stay locked in on your goals is vital for maintaining intrinsic motivation. All of the most successful individuals in any field, have a deep determination that pushes them to maintain progress and continuously growing.

19. Abandon labels & images

Let go of the ideas that people are just "naturally gifted". You will not accomplish the bigger picture if you're not prepared for the work. Labelling yourself or others is judging a book by its cover, which could hinder or surprise you down the road. Everyone has their talents, but labels create separation of others and we need more inclusiveness. It also creates a stigma of how people become who they are.

20. Use the word "yet"

The word "yet" is a great word to help remember the results is still to come. Having that mindset, gives motivation to stick to the process and keep working hard to achieve the desired results. No matter what the feat is, staying with a "yet" mentality will create optimism over pessimism. Stay hungry and keep pushing, you just haven't reached there yet!

21. Learn from other people’s mistakes

It's not generally smart to contrast yourself with others, but rather understand that people share similar shortcomings. A lot of other people have went through similar challenges or road blocks that can teach us how to approach our situation with a little more sense or rationality. Learning from others mistakes is just as valuable as making it yourself, except saves you the grief or agony. Respect those who have gone through the process already and are willing to share their shortcomings for the betterment of your journey.

22. Make a new goal for every goal accomplished

You'll never be finished learning. Since your challenge is over doesn't mean you should quit being keen regarding a matter. Development minded individuals realize how to continually make new objectives to keep themselves invigorated. Having a sense of direction is going to keep you on track and motivated. There is always something to learn, and never feeling as if you truly arrived at the final destination, will help you facilitate consistent growth. Learn some daily habits that you can set as a new goal for each day that will help your mental toughness.

23. Take risks in the company of others

Quit attempting to hide any hint of failure constantly and just let yourself mess up from time to time. It will make it simpler to face challenges later on. Being comfortable in uncomfortable situations is essential to coming out of our shells. When peers or others are watching, you still need to be able to perform and give it your best effort. Be willing to fail in front of others, because they will too. Many people will judge others without the confidence in themselves to actually do it. So, Don't worry about who's watching, the more comfortable you become the better you'll respond to future pressured endeavors.

24. Think realistically about time and effort

It requires some investment to learn. Try not to hope to dominate each subject that is possible in a day... Set realistic goals that lead into the bigger picture. And over working yourself will lead to setbacks and burn outs down the road. Pace your process and understand it takes sometimes lots of time to achieve amazing feats. Plus having realistic self demands will create better mental strength and psyche for future success. Lay every brick a best as possible, and eventually you'll have a sturdy wall. But rush it, and deal with the consequence of it crashing down. Take your time, know your limit, and play within it.

25. Take responsibility for yourself

When you build up a development mentality, own it. Recognize yourself as somebody who has a development mindset and be pleased to allow it to manage you through all of your life. Whatever actions or mindset you choose, be responsible for the outcomes. Owning up to our actions and thoughts is crucial for strengthening our mind and self-belief. Pointing fingers anywhere always has three pointing back.

26. Affirmations "I am, I will..." Talk as if it's happening...

Speaking to yourself interns of what you want to be with the sense that you already are, is very helpful is training the subconscious mind and our confidence to vibrate towards that energy. We manifest what we think, say, and do. The more we hear ourselves saying something the more it'll be engraved in the back of our head. And it will be a constant push to achieve the desired result. The brain does not like reverse psychology and will function worse if we say "not". For example if it hears "I will not be impatient" it will still focus on impatient... So say what you are or want to be, compared to the negative side of what your trying to change.

27. Look at everyone as an opportunity to learn and grow

We will come across so many people in our life and everyone's story will be different. Just like a new book that comes out, just because it's related to a already heard perspective or subject, the way the author describes things will be from a totally different perspective. No matter where you are, or who it is, a child can teach and adult and of course vice versa. But, we need to see people around us as new books with completely different stories no matter how similar they may be. And how one person describes something may not come across or be received as well as another person's story. So respect everyone's' journey and level up your process by changing your perception.

A growth mindset opens so many opportunities for careers, relationships, finances and much more... But, it all stems back to your mindset. Focusing on the little things creates the work of art we are all trying to paint. And remaining open minded will allow every person, place or thing to be a learning opportunity for improvements in your lifestyle. Nothing great comes easy, and nothing fast will ever last. So live like the tortoise and plan, prepare and act with purpose and sense to ensure no time or energy is wasted in over stepping the process. Remember when you were a kid and you had such open eyes to new things around you? Imagine you never lost that gift... even if it's not being overwhelmed by the daily nuances, but being appreciative of whomever of whatever crosses your path. Everything tends to happen for a reason, either by karma or butterfly effect of what we project into the universe. But, how we control what we can control, will completely change the outcomes of the opportunities we will receive.

growth Mindset equals new results in life

Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep Developing Yourself!



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