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COVID & our Sympathetic Nervous System. Tune your Bodily Functions

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

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Life has definitely changed, and a new normal has taken over. Wearing masks, social distancing, staying home in lockdowns, all has increased many peoples stress and depression. As well, the fear of potentially falling victim to this pandemic is of course a cause for concern nonetheless. But, we have to control what we can control. And no matter what the situation is, we can focus on different aspects in order to make the best of anything.

Adding all these variables from this global pandemic, it has lead to people living a more sympathetic lifestyle. Sympathetic, as in our nervous system. This system is connected to our survival instincts and "fight or flight" mode. Which is definitely turned on more when most mainstream news is only showing fearful and negative information. With very little positive or helpful information, to boost your immune system naturally. No matter how much doctors can say to wear a mask and get a vaccine, they do not boost your immune system. However, those will only detour people from potentially getting it. If people just realize that they can boost their own immune system by healthy nutrition, exercise, meditation and mindset, then maybe less people would worry as much about catching it. However, many people do not focus on these aspects, and are allowing themselves to be consumed by the negative energy around us. This is just another flu, if you choose to be smart about your overall health and maintain proper hygiene, you should be pretty safe.

We need to understand that our body recovers and repairs best in our parasympathetic nervous system, that's how are body is designed to function. Sympathetic for protection, and hunting, and parasympathetic for recovery and rest. But, because of this pandemic, too many people are not getting out of their "fight or flight" mode, and feel very anxious, depressed and tired, because they can't let go of the uncontrollable aspects. We can not change this situation, only how we look and approach it. So when the mindset is focused on fear or negative energy, the immune system actually lowers, and the confidence that you're actually healthy will be lowered in result. It is proven in studies with a placebo effect, if you are told you will receive 100% results from a pill, you'll believe it works. This strong belief causes the mind to become more at ease and truly heals itself on its own. This is due to brain waves associated with confidence and belief that allow for the parasympathetic system to tap into deep brain waves that are associated with repairing the body. We tap into these by meditation and our deep confident mindset.

Gratitude is also one of the best ways to make a bad situation seem better. Look at everything you do have and what you are able to do. Focus on the gifts of basic necessities, that 70% of the earth doesn't have! Understand, there is a lot to be thankful for, and having a gratitude mindset, makes you look at the day as a blessing instead of a curse. We all have to work, we all have to overcome hardships. But, no matter what humans have gone through in history, we have prevailed. Staying healthy and resilient is necessary for survival. "The toughest of the toughest, shall survive" Level up your mindset to ensure you survive... Any way we can have a gratitude and positive mindset, our immune system strengthens, our energy levels go up, and our drive to achieve goals or tasks is heightened.

11 Tips to Tune your Bodily Functions are:

Breathing is deeply connected to our heart rate, blood pressure and emotional stability. Having a conscious focus on each breath, creates stillness, relaxation, and consciousness, which is a key component of Meditation. Controlling our breathing can completely change our brain chemistry and make the necessary switch of systems when needed.

Meditation turns on brain waves that cause endorphins to be released, which uplifts our mood and eases tension or stress. Taking a few mins each day to tap back into the moment, will lead to a more positive and resilient mind.

All the technology around us, cause us to be over stimulated. Plus, too much blue light spectrum is not good for our eyes, brain and sleep cycles. Create a routine that stays away from constantly checking your phone, and possibly change how many apps you get notifications for, so your feel less of an urge to consistently check your phone. Plan times throughout the day where there is no technological distractions.

4) Laughing with family or friends

We are usually at our most relaxed state when we are around the people we love or truly enjoy to be in company with. Enjoying a good laugh with these people is vital to our social health, and a big part of keeping healthy. Humans are social creatures, and we typically need some type of human connection to feel happy. No matter if its virtually or in person, Laugh it up! Tomorrow is never promised...

5) Walking in nature

Nature is amazing! And shows us how life can move at so many different paces. Many people are very busy and always on the go, they often forget to take a step back and smell the roses... Taking a few minutes to watch the ducks swim, or listen to the birds chirping to each other, or maybe even gaze at some beautiful flowers. We sometimes forget we are apart of such a bigger picture that's MUCH bigger than us, because of the concrete jungles we live in. But, one of the best ways to enjoy the moment, relax, and tune back into the present, is exploring our beautiful nature.

6) Reading a book

Books are not only a great way to learn, but an excellent way to dive into something different for the time being. It gives us a way to jump into another world and get lost in the words of that author. No matter if it's fictional or not, reading is great way to develop our brain power. It helps create better problem solving skills, develop patience, and distracts us from potential issues or challenges that may be troubling us for the time being. Reading is another form of stillness for the mind as it creates less chatter and more ease of unnecessary thought patterns.

7) Cold shower

Cold showers are amazing for circulation and muscle recovery in the body, but also forces us to breath deeply and be directly in the moment. Try getting into cold water and see if you think about anything but, "when is this over...!" However, changing your mindset about the purpose allows for stronger mental toughness. The key is the breathing... It stems back to conscious breathing techniques that result in calming the mind, lowering our heart rate and turning on our parasympathetic system. An amazing therapeutic way, to help the body and mind simultaneously.

Human are a collection of vibrations in motion. Hence "hum" in human... Music is a frequency, and that's why the right artist or song at a certain time aligns with our distinct wave length, which connects to our soul and deep emotions. Ever met someone who said they don't like music?... I don't think so, because every person has some genre that speaks to them. A great song can completely uplift your mood for the better, and potentially create conviction or relaxation when truly needed. Find a playlist that helps you with whatever you need at the time, and see the amazing effects of tuning into the perfect song. We will be sharing some of our great Spotify playlists for workouts, meditation, relaxation and more.

9) Play an instrument

Since music is so deeply connected to our vibrations, playing an instrument can bring about relaxation and stillness in our mind. The deep focus, creativity, and connection with an instrument, forces the brain to be dialed in on the next note or chord, and won't have the ability to think about anything else, but does this sounds good or right. One of my favorite ways to relax and feel good in the moment is playing my guitar. The sound of clean chords strummed in the right pattern, is priceless...

10) Draw/ paint/ sculpt

Painting, drawing and sculpting tap into our right brain hemisphere. This hemisphere is connected to creativity and "open minded thinking". Fully focusing on adding the perfect touch or slowly creating a masterpiece, takes time and patience. This stillness and relaxed focus creates tranquility in the mind and calms the physical body. Changing from typical daily thinking in the left brain hemisphere, that's connected to logic, mathematics and structure, will help with releasing daily stress, which that side of the brain is stimulated by.

11) Yoga/stretching

Yoga means much more than stretching, it's a way of living. But most people only know it for the poses and meditation involved within it. However, even just using the movement/stillness side of yoga can create many physical health benefits that range from better mobility/stability, core strength and flexibility. Taking the time to release tension and work on the connection between the physical and neurological bodies, is key to creating calmness, confidence and more consciousness in our lives.

See the value in creating a routine that helps you turn on your parasympathetic nervous system, and ensure the necessary "me" time is taken. Everyone has a hobby that they enjoy, and some form of one of these tips that allows them for mood upliftment in times of need. We are more productive when our mind is happy and energetic. Without using our parasympathetic system, we can't properly digest, repair and rest, which are vital to daily efficiency. Covid-19 is something for the most part out of our control, so focus on the aspects you can, and remember the importance of taking care of your complete health.

Stay healthy...Stay consistent...Stay in the moment

Level Up!



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