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15 Powerful ways to Develop Mental Toughness

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Today science research is finding more information about how Mental Toughness plays a big part in your lives. Your Mental Strength is an important role with achieving your goals in school, business, health and Life. We started MINDSET because we know you can develop mental toughness but for some it takes a helping hand. So we came up with these KEY steps that are taken by many elite athletes and successful passionate dreamers who achieve their goals.

Mental toughness takes years to truly be engraved. But, when you focus on discipline, accountability, and dedication to the process it can be attainable. Routine and consistency is the foundation of creating mental toughness. You must have muscle memory in your actions, to create true "flow" and allow that next level performance to show. Maintaining your best performance is about consistency. Striving to keep yourself on track for success is all based on how efficient and productive your routine is. If you control this pillar, you will lay the foundation for mental toughness.

Create values, standards, and morals that set you up for success. These details are the building blocks for maintaining self control and discipline. As well, they keep you from life's temptations that can lead you astray from manifesting your dreams. Know what is good for your success, and work hard to stay on track. Success takes a working system geared to focusing on the process of the journey.

Diving into your physical body, you must fuel yourself with the best possible sources. Natural foods and fresh ingredients. This boosts your immune system, mood, drive and overall performance capabilities and capacity. Without this pillar, achieving your best performance is hardly attainable. Therefore, due to nutrition's big role in hormone production and muscular performance, you can see the most mentally toughest individuals focus on fueling correctly and efficiently..

Furthermore, be willing to push your limits gradually in all aspects of training or growing. Without having some discomfort or pain, your body will eventually reach a plateau. Consistent progressive overload, and focus on training past the point when your body says enough. These are all key components to maximizing your potential. So work hard, get comfortable being in uncomfortable situations and slowly raise the bar each day.

15 effective ways to develop your mental toughness:

1) Focus

The direction you cast your energy, is what manifests your reality... You need to be steady in times of hardship or potential challenges. Your focus allows you to not be easily swayed by outside factors trying to derail or mislead you from your path. Keep the focus strong, by dialing in on your passion and your best interests. The crab mentality is real, and many close individuals can fall into this issue. Remember your goals and ambitions, focus is what will manifests them.

2) Change the perspective

Focus on maintaining clear vision towards your goals and purpose. The world can seem to be going against you at times, and keeping the perspective on the bigger picture, keeps you focused on the necessary little details when trouble comes your way. How you look at situations completely dictates how you react and handle those good or bad times. Remember what you are trying to accomplish, and stay mentally locked-in. "Those who say they can, and those who say they can't, are both usually right..." It's all about perspective.

3) Patience

Be willing to slow down and enjoy the moment. Living for the process is what creates your desired journey. Life shouldn't be a destination... As well, understand this... nothing fast will last, and it takes time to truly create what you are trying to achieve. Would it be the same happiness if it came overnight? Compared to, a long memorable experience of growth and success through lessons and failures. Most elders say to young people, live in the moment and slow down. Because they've been through the process, and are near the end destination. Listen...slow down. Smell the roses. All good things come to an end. Don't rush your life...

4) Control

You are in control of your actions and emotions. You should avoid letting others take your strength. How you manage and respond to these aspects is your real strength. When you control your responses, you can create a better outcome because you make smarter decisions when in control. Many people live compulsively, and this lack of control creates disorder. Control what you can control... Take responsibility for your words and actions. It is always on you to create and control every out come. If you lose control, then you will have to go back and fix the issue. Why not just be in control and do things right the first time. Save yourself the heartache of unnecessary conflict or mistakes. You always have control.

5) Endless Positivity

Stay positive as much as possible. Especially when dealing with negative situations. Elevate others and bring them up to your level. Rejoice and have gratitude towards life. Having this mindset uplifts you and others. Seeing everything with a positive lens, will make you a sought out individual by others because you are resilient in lowering your vibe because of something or someone else. This is having control. It always feels better to be positive and upbeat, because anything else is just allowing negativity to be absorbed for no reason. Keep your vibe high, and this will attract your right tribe. If you want to be positive, create a circle of positive individuals. Always finding the bright side in any situation, is going to separate you from the bunch, and potentially lead you towards a great career, relationship, or opportunity because you made the best of it. You always have control, it's up to you if you want a positive or negative life. Be optimistic in all situations, and see how everything flows so much easier and better towards your goals and desires.

Be open to learning everyday, and see life as a glass half full. This gives you the potential to grow everyday, and make the most of your experiences. You can learn from every situation, and you can learn from every individual you come across young or old. Understand the beauty and relaxation when you know you never know... It gives you the opportunity to detach from the ego and stay open minded towards all wisdom, information, and knowledge that you can receive today and in the present moment. You will never arrive, and will never know everything. So, stay open minded and live ready to consistently learn everyday. People will enjoy your company more because you never try to push anything down their throats as if you know, and you are always willing to listen and hear them out. Listening is one of the most important skills you need to master, and the better you can listen, the better you will learn.

7) Emotional stability

Make smart decisions under pressure and deliver the same level of performance regardless of what you're feeling. You need to be logical and objective with your thinking. Creating your own disorders or "roller coaster" moods, is in your control. You need to be conscious of your emotions, and choose paths that lead you to the best outcomes. Your emotions can deter you from reaching your goals or completing important tasks. Take pride in balance and stability. Never let success go to your head, or failure go to your heart. Try and stay even keel with your emotions so that logic can always steer you in the right direction. Emotions will naturally arise in both sides of the spectrum. But, how you choose to respond and control them, is completely up to you. Take pride in being in control. If you let your emotions get out of hand, you will have to go back and logically reflect on how you could have handled a situation better. Save yourself the grief or embarrassment and just stay grounded as much as you can. No one enjoys being around an overly emotional person, it's just tiresome and too unpredictable. Set yourself up for success by being in control, and choosing your emotions based off logic, but keeping them within a healthy range, so that you don't have to work hard to pick yourself back up, or get humbled by karma harshly.

8) Self-validation

Don't worry about pleasing people... Focus on a concentrated approach towards what is right and what you stand for. Work hard in silence and let others watch you grow. Pleasing others is a tireless road. Direct your energy towards your passion and your goals. Be an example and just stay in your lane. Focusing on other peoples approvals or validation is only going to lead you towards insecurities and mental health issues. Everyone for the most part is focused on themselves anyways, as they should be. So, be comfortable in your own skin, and know within yourself if you're working hard or on track to be successful in your life. Others will try to knock you down or create road blocks for people, because they are jealous or envious of your abilities, talents, or success. Keep your blinders on and stay focused and determined for your own goals and dreams. Intrinsic motivation is the key to success. Extrinsic motivation will only lead you towards clinging to others opinions and if they're not nice, you will easily sway or deter you from achieving success. Stay within yourself with the utmost confidence and just remember "quiet confidence"

9) Tenacity

Anything is possible, and never let effort dictate the outcome. Never give up when life gets hard. Resilience is the key to enduring difficulties and hardships. Through this ability you will create REAL toughness, and have true inner glory. Your will to endure and keep pushing in all situations is a direct correlation to your mindset. The ability to show up, stay consistent, and keep striving forward, especially on days you don't feel your best, even if it's just a baby step. is what will lead you to achieving your goals and dreams. The tough get going, when the going gets tough.

10) Acceptance

Let go of the things you have no control of. There is no reason to complain about something that is out of your hands. You should have control over your attitude and responses in situations in order to effectively maximize your abilities. Understand the importance of forgiveness for others and yourself. No one is perfect, and for you to grow you must let things go. Learn to accept things for what they are and just go with the flow. The better you master this ability, the easier you will live and make the most out of any situation. But, you will also be a more carefree individual, that makes others have a better perspective of any situation. Just let it go...

11) Attitude towards failure

Seeing failure as just an attempt in learning and growing to be better is vital. The most successful people have failed more than most people have even attempted. That's how much it takes to create true success. Anything great is worth doing poorly at first. Loving the process and enjoying the journey, will create better outcomes and less resentment towards failure. It takes time you master or be really in-tune with whatever you're trying to acquire. It takes 10,000 hrs or receptions to just break the surface of being a "master" in something. So, respect the grind, and know it's much more rewarding when you go through those trials and tribulations, because you will appreciate everything even more, once you finally achieve the results you are desiring. Life is a journey, and a marathon never a sprint. If you want something great it's just about consistency and repetition. This is what creates success. Never just talent alone. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. Just keep trying, and enjoy the small ups and downs towards the bigger picture. This is what life is all about.

12) Preparation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail... When you properly prepare, you allow for higher confidence in your judgements and actions. Better to measure twice and cut once. It is proven to be more efficient. It takes diligent preparation to create a successful foundation. You will reduce unnecessary anxiety if you properly prepare. There can always be a rainy day, so ensure the proper plans and resources are put into place to overcome those potential hardships or challenges. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So, increase your luckiness by preparing better for all your opportunities. Plan, prepare, prioritize. This will ensure you are ready to seize every opportunity that arises to the best of your ability, and reach your highest potential.

13) Detachment

Seeing everything BIGGER than you... This create a better functionality within your environment and opportunities. You tend to do better when you are working towards a team goal. Don't take things too personally, no need to victimize yourself. Remember everything is bigger than you, and focus on letting go of that ego. You perform best when we are one with your environment. The universe doesn't revolve around you. So, feel free to let go of this idea, and just be a better team-mate, cow-worker, and overall a better person. Also, remember to let go of your past. Holding onto any trauma or regrets is always going to hold you back and make you miss the opportunity you have right now which is to be present and in the moment. Just learn from it and move forward. What is to be will be, so focus on controlling what you can right now, and the future will manifest itself based on how much effort you put into make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

14) Stillness

You must be able to remain still in times of unease or restlessness. Stillness allows for your best rationality and problem solving to occur. A still mind can observe, think, and act with purpose and decisiveness. When a mind is unrest, it can re-act compulsively instead of acting consciously. The more conscious you can be, the better your life will become. Work towards having a still and present mind, and you will reap the rewards of a cool, calm, and collected reality. Practice meditation, yoga, grounding in nature, or even reading a book. All these ways are helpful in creating stillness and realignment between your mind, body, and soul.

15) Gratitude

Life is a gift, never forget it... When you realize how much you really have, you completely switch our mood from envious to thankfulness. Watching what other people have, and trying to compare, will lead you no where. No vanity can create REAL happiness, happiness only comes from within. How many people are praying for the basic necessities of life right now?... You in the 1st world are very fortunate to be in a privileged society that has such an abundance of education, resources, and opportunity. Many will never get this opportunity. Make the most of it... Because there are others wishing they could have what you do. Gratitude creates the best attitude, and takes you to your highest altitude. Wake up and write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday, and see how much better you will start living and making the most of the opportunities that you have right in front of you. You will cherish the people in your life more, and become a more enjoyable person to be around. No one likes being around someone ungrateful. Remember that... Find joy in the little things, and see how the big ones will begin to feel like a miracle. Look at life with a Childs eyes, and you will remember how it feels to be carefree and focused on what you do have compared to what you don't. And trust me... you have a lot!

Stay strong... stay consistent... stay in the moment

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