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How does your mindset affect your immune system?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Your immune system has a direct correlation with your mindset, because through studies it has been proven that the "placebo effect" is possible. For those who might not know what a placebo effect is it's when two or more people are given a pill that is told to fix or improve a symptom or issue, and then they actually give 1 or more of the individuals a sugar pill instead of the supposed "real" pill. And in these studies, it is proven that a strong belief in something working within the body, can actually make the body start too improve it's own repairing ability on the system and can be more efficient than a so called pill...

So imagine if people realized they could heal themselves just with strong belief and meditation. Now of course, age, genetics, your current health level and fitness capacities will play a factor in the bodies ability to repair better or faster than others. But, it is definitely true that our conviction and beliefs can boost our immune system and the ability to repair the body.

Now going back to the days of Egypt, there are many findings and beliefs that they knew the true power within our bodies that can heal and repair the system with meditation. And for this reason the culture focused heavily on meditation and mind control, especially with kids... Of course the younger you can develop a skill, the better you can be at it. Possibly we can do much more than we realize within our own body's but the lack of focus in developing these skills within our cultures or school system could be at fault for this. However, times are evolving and we are seeing a larger emergence of those older practices in the more conscious younger generations. Now a days this has transitioned into yoga, meditation, overall better nutrition and more mindfulness practices that boost the body, mind and soul.

Scientist say that we only really use 20% of our brain? So why are we so focused on A.I being integrated with in our body instead of improving our ability to fully use our brain? Maybe we would be too smart for those who try to control us in the concrete jungle. But, it always puzzles me why we aren't diving into teaching meditation in schools and how this can improve our IQ's and full bodily functions including our immune system.

Another issue we have to deal with is how society always wants to improve our health issues with pills or some synthetic drugs. Instead of teaching kids and society the value of proper nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle. Proper nutrition and active living is proven to reverse adverse health conditions and improve quality of living plus longevity of life span potential. However, pills or drugs can only inhibit or stimulate a specific section of the brain in order to manage and slowly deteriorate the natural part of our body's that would be in control of specific bodily functions. This will progressively make us dependent on those drugs in order to function. So is it a healthcare system or a sick-care system for profit...? Food for thought...

But one thing I know, is my body and what is best for me, and based off experience from being an elite athlete, I've learned how to make my body perform to the best of my abilities due to proper nutrition, training and efficient recovery. Plus, years of training clients and continuously levelling up my education and certifications allowed me to learn so much value in treating our body's as a temple, and respecting it by using natural remedies and proper nutrition.

I truly believe some people have become very impatient and want the perfect quick fix pill that will solve issues from years of unhealthy living. Because of this it has created a market for pharmaceutical companies to prey on the uneducated and unhealthy people who want to look like athletes or models who set the standards for looks and aesthetics. It's unfortunate that this has become the norm in society, but if we all start to awaken to the truth and reality of health and fitness, we can change this stigma and create healthier generations to come. We should always be trying to improve and better ourselves, but definitely our kids. If we aren't advancing and modifying how we approach health and fitness, then why are we so focused on improving efficiency of technology or vehicles, but less people are trying to improve their body's. Sad...

Remember health is your wealth... because once anyone gets sick, all those material objects and money mean absolutely nothing. So, working on investing more time and money into our body's will allow for a much better quality of living and life span. Shouldn't this be the general consensus? I'd hope so... But not everyone cares to that extent, so don't let society lead you astray, because fast food, hours of t.v and quick fix pills will only lead you in the wrong direction, while someone is making money off your lack of care or education for your well being. It's time for us to wake up and be more conscious of how we need to take care of our complete health, and for the generations to come.

When we have strong conviction towards anything, we begin to manifest energy around that idea, and usually it will present itself or begin to give us opportunities to create it for real. Visualization with meditation is powerful and that's why affirmations paired long with these in a consistent routine is how most successful people reach their goals and dreams. The same can be for you, it's just a matter of knowing how to go about it. check out our past blog "The importance of Routines for athletes" which dives into how to create a routine for anything you're trying to achieve, it's just a matter of a process.

9 Tips to improve your immune system

1. Focus on getting 3 balanced meals with 6-8 servings of fruits and veggies that have a wide variety of colors of the rainbow. Take a multivitamin if unable to...

2. Stay hydrated and try to get 2-4 l of water, drink more if training or in hot climates

3. Get 6-8 hours of sleep so the body can properly recover

4. Stay away from being inside too much, our body needs Vitamin D which is best provided from the sun, get out in nature!

5. Limit t.v and phone usage before bed, the blue light spectrum disrupts our sleep patterns

6. Get at least 30-60minutes 3-4 times a week of moderate activity, either working out or cardio.

7. Drink herbal teas that help boost organ functions and immune system. i.e ginger, green, citrus, peppermint etc.. Antioxidants are helpful in cleansing our blood and filtering organs. Detox's can be great but be careful of doing too much of it. once a month is usually enough.

8. Think healthy thoughts... our mind is powerful, if you think you're healthy, you can help your body's system strength and potentially reduce sickness if you do catch something. Plus, healthy thoughts in regards to mental health will help our bodies function better.

9. Limit using over the counter drugs and always look for a natural remedy before running to a pill that will give you side effects requiring another pill to fix it and so forth... Before you know it people are taking 20 pills for something that could be fixed by proper nutrition and fitness. Plus there is always a plant or root that can heal us, it's just matter of knowing which one. Do the research and don't let someone in a white jacket make you believe a pill is the only answer.

Our minds are more powerful than we have been conditioned or educated to know. So, it is up to us to find the truth and be our best doctors. I am no doctor, but I know what's best for my body so I highly suggest you find out what's best for yours... Remember most doctors are just trial and error for medication and dosage levels, so clearly they don't always have the answer either, so trust your gut instincts and focus on having a healthy & strong mind/body. The more you focus on your health, the better you will feel and perform in athletics or daily living. If being the best version of yourself is what you want, then look no further and level up your MINDSET!

Stay Strong... Stay Healthy... Stay Consistent & Keep developing yourself

Level Up!




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