What is a Mental Strength Coach?

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Unlike therapists, coaches do not specialize in treating complex clinical problems. However, they do help clients manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety — all of which boosts our mental strength. MINDSET believes mental strength is a key attribute to our daily lives. Today science research is showing how your mental toughness plays a part in how some athletes or CEOs push past the crowd and make it to the top. Where others with the exact same skills, don't get to the same place and feel unhappy about their lives.

A Mental Strength coach is an individual whom seeks to help others conquer their mindset through compassion, empathy, guidance and self experiences. We all have experiences to share and teach each other with. And some of us have more experience than others. In my case I've seen first hand the difficulties of mental health and what extremes people can reach. Having the opportunity to be in a mental health ward for over a month, gave me much more mindset understanding and deeper knowledge of myself and others.

We all have the need for support and love, and as mental strength coaches our mission is to provide that comfort and healing to ensuring success. We are qualified based of experiences, knowledge and certifications. Seeking a coach compared to a therapists would be in circumstances such as:

1) The mental and emotional challenges you're dealing with are on the mild side of the spectrum

2) Looking to improve stress Management, and daily routine

3) Looking to clarify values, goals, and overall purpose

4) Interested in learning practical actionable methods to address personal and professional challenges

5) Open to self-assessments, reading, journaling, or other homework to overcome personal challenges

6) Prefer a short-term approach to personal growth

7) Open to creating a plan for self-accountability and responsibility to ensure reaching your higher mindset

We as coaches are here to guide and assist those truly looking to make gradual lifestyle changes. Including being open to trying new methods, tasks, and tips in order to begin the growing process. Everything we use towards uplifting others is based off: education, certifications, and personal life experiences. Our proven methods and tasks are used to create specific individualized programs, with constant adjustments as we continuously assess and move forward. Their is never a "cookie cutter' approach to our clients, we pride ourselves in making our programs specific to you!


Understand this, you can find a lot of valuable information on the internet or in books, but there still is no substitute for hiring an expert in a particular field.

No matter where on my journey, coaching made the difference between learning curves and success. Having a person who's been through the process and passionately enjoys seeing others grow, that is truly special. The amount of time reduced from trial and error and failures, is due to great coaching. Of course, some coaches are better than others, and it all stems from their overall experiences and approach to life.

All of my clients agree that the workouts, meal plans or habitual routines that they created from educational guessing, is nothing compared to the level of efficiency and results from hiring a coach.

We strive to consistently focus on leveling up our selves through workshops, certifications, seminars and experience from each client. This time and dedication gives clients the understanding of how priceless the investment of having a coach really can be. We need to be more focused on investing in ourselves vs. products that have no return. Our wealth is our health, without it, nothing else matters.

Stay strong...Stay consistent...Stay in the moment...

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Coaching and mentoring is not just about being in the gym but also supporting you and providing advice
Coaching and mentoring with MINDSET is not just a workout in the gym..

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