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What is Mental Toughness?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

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Mental toughness is the ability to resist, manage and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that prevent us from succeeding, excelling or performing well towards an objective or an outcome that we set out to achieve. As well, being able to resist physical pain or fatigue, and having the ability to stay open minded and adaptable.

The mastery of our mind in key moments is due to resilience, self discipline, and on going adjustments. When we focus on what we can control, the external factors trying to add pressure or doubt will be ignored. Being able to stay positive, stay in the moment, and stay with the process, is KEY to a strong mind. Many aspects of our self talk, routine, daily habits, and focus, lead into our success, but overall our mindset is what changes that focus. When we are invested in the moment with passion, and complete trust, the only aspect left to do is let it flow... If we do not get the desired results, then we must keep working hard on our craft. It takes time and dedication to create our dreams, but we have to be consistently working on ourselves. "Rome wasn't built in a day". So, focus on maximizing every day. Because "hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard". Even if we have all the talent in the world, without mental toughness, our true abilities will never shine. Work hard, trust the process.

Live for the process, and enjoy the journey. Be completely invested in the moment. What else is there to focus on?... Can we control yesterday? No... Tomorrow? Maybe... Only if we maximize today. So why do people focus so much on uncontrollable aspects? This can only distract us from pin pointing our complete focus. Multi-tasking is technically doing two or more things at par. So, diverting our attention in the moment to different directions can only lead us to at par results. How can we be at our best when our mind is really somewhere else?... It is all about staying completely in the moment and adjusting on the fly. Learn from yesterday and create tomorrow.

With the ability to stay locked-into the moment, we can elevate through more than just athletics. We can overcome and manage life's challenges, toxic environments and pressure situations. A resilient mindset, gives us the capability to handle uncomfortable situations with manner and poise. With that type of focus, we have the ability to push through hardships and pain that ultimately are apart of building our success. For this reason, sports are such a great breeding ground for mentally tough individuals. The lessons learned from sports such as failure, team work, and communication, set us up for success in life's challenges. All kids should get into sports, the benefits are priceless...

No pain, No gain... Take this with a grain of salt... Understand life is painful and challenging, and some of the toughest and best achievements are attained through strenuous pain and agony. However, know your limit play with in it. We definitely want to keep pushing our boundaries and growing with the process. But, trying to run before we can walk is setting ourselves up for a big failure or a major lesson. The athletes that actually push themselves to extremes, have been training at an elite level for years before they can accomplish those feats. Plus, these individuals have to work continuously on their mental game in order to deal with the strenuous physical training. Never compare apples to oranges. Start small and focus on levelling up progressively, nothing great comes over night. See the value in taking life as marathon vs a sprint... And understand the difference between "good" and "bad" pain.

Anyone who has achieved amazing feats, took years of lessons, micro failures, setbacks and a complete dedication towards their passion in order to master their abilities. But, their mindset is what allowed everything to link together. Staying in the moment and going with the flow, allows us to make smart decisions on the fly. Self discipline is vital for consistency and elevation. Without it, our mental toughness has no foundation. Toughness means much more than withstanding physical pain. It also refers to our strength for making good habits, smart decisions and productive routines that allow us to reach our full potential. The ability to maintain strong will, deep focus, and a positive growth mindset, is true Mental Toughness.

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Stay strong... stay consistent... stay in the moment

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