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Mental Toughness is about routine & consistency...

Updated: May 20, 2021

Mental toughness should be practiced and lived everyday by everyone, but especially for those athletes wanting to take their sport to the next level. When we analyze the most mentally tough athletes such as: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali, we recognize that routine and consistency is what allowed these athletes to thrive and separate themselves from the other talented athletes in their sport.

Remember "hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"...

A key component to their foundation of success is not only their passion, drive, and 1 in a generation talents, but an amazing aptitude for routine and consistency. In order to have high levels of success at a level demanding consistent elite performance and focus, it is necessary that their methods of ensuring confidence and results are due to their constant ability to remain in the moment and focus on what they can control.

If they do not have a routine, they will not be able to handle high pressure situations that force athletes into a "flow" state, which is muscle memory taking over. This allows the athletes with the most consistency of efficient practice, to focus on what they can control and have complete self trust to shine above the others.

We can clearly see which athletes are mentally toughest by watching their calm demeanor in pressure situations and sometimes weird routines or quirky set-ups that get these athletes fully invested into the moment; as well, completely trusting in their muscle memory. Practice makes permanent, not perfect... So these athletes will work the hardest, but always with a purpose. Many believe just getting quantity over quality is the key to success,

However, "eating soup with a fork will keep you VERY busy, but will also keep you VERY hungry!..."

Understanding this concept shows, that the best athletes not only had to most efficient practice routines, but they consistently repeated them at game speed to ensure 100% confidence when the situations arrive and became real.

Therefore, focusing on the small details will create the results needed for the bigger picture. Our confidence stems from focusing on what we can control, while trusting the process and putting in the consistent purposeful practice needed to thrive in our "flow" state.

Mental toughness is a by product of multiple factors including: mindset, passion, efficient practice, self talk, committing to the process and controlling what we can control. As well, without disregard some athletes will naturally be mentally tougher because of their childhoods or tough upbringing that forced them to inherit these traits subconsciously. However, we can strive to work towards elite mental toughness by following their foundational foot steps of Routine & Consistency.

If this sounds like your goals and passion for REAL success, then here are 7 daily and weekly habits that will improve your mental toughness and help you achieve your ultimate PEAK performance...

1) Seize the day

Wake up early and seize the whole day, athletes typically are up by 5-6am. Remember your parents always saying, Early birds gets the worm :) We can never get time back...

2) Note down todays goal

Write down your daily goal, and focus of today's workouts or training... (Have a purpose!) Writing it down creates a higher probability for REAL manifestation...

3) Learn from Yesterday (F.A.I.L)

Write down yesterday's mistakes that need adjusting for today. F.A.I.L means "first attempt in learning" If their is no failure, we never know what adjustments we need to make. Always keep trying, but learn from your mistakes and focus on not repeating them... The most successful people have failed the most!

4) Sharing is Caring

Have a GROWTH MINDSET... If we ever believe we know everything, soon enough we will get humbled. Learn from everyone and "sharing is caring"...

5) Be alone with your thoughts

Listen to a motivating speech or song that puts your MINDSET into a higher gear. Not everyday you will have the same drive. Focus on a routine of consistently reminding yourself WHY you are pursuing your passion.

6) Don't get caught in "Good enough"

Focus on the little details... If we get too caught up in "good enough" because it still moves us towards our goals, we will never be able to refine our abilities to the ELITE LEVEL. It take love for the process and enjoying the journey to create the desired results!

7) Eat nutritiously

Eat nutritiously dense food that supports your performance and goals. Eating junk food or highly processed foods will never elevate your physical or mental body to the NEXT LEVEL... Our Nutritional routine and consistency changes many aspects such as: hormones, mood, digestion, cardiovascular ability, muscular performance and cognitive function. Healthy nutrition with discipline and focus gives us the ability and opportunity to train and or perform at our maximum potential.

Keep striving to grow everyday, and take your Mental Toughness to the HIGHEST LEVEL!


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