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5 Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Our mind and body are connected and if anything happens to one the other is affected. Our lives have many ups and downs and that is a fact of life, but by controlling what we can control, and invest in the process, we begin to live more in the present, which reduces stress and anxiety in our minds. Food is fuel, exercise creates a better functioning body and higher quality of living, Meditation and stillness of the mind create peace. Balance will create mental toughness and stronger mental health. Our wellness does not just come from physical health as we've been taught in school but also our mental health and spiritual health as well. Having a full balanced lifestyle will help us concur the daily stress and hectic lives we live daily.

Here are five tips on how to align your mind, body and soul.

1) Review the Food you Eat

Mindful shopping while at the grocery store. This will help your balanced diet fuel your body with the right nutrients. Supplementing them with vitamins all of the time isn't the right balance. We all have a busy life and vitamins are a great addition but we should not solely depend on them for the full balance.

The benefits of eating foods full of vitamins & nutrients have an amazing effect on your skin, hair, nails & more. Who doesn’t shinier hair and clearer skin!? Remember these benefits next time you’re tempted for that fast food burger.

Its very common to keep moving forward with our lives and daily tasks/responsibilities, but our body and mind can only take so much before we hurt ourselves or the others around us. Love yourself ❤️ When you find yourself heading towards the point of burnout - the first step to do is to take a minute, recognize what your needs are and make those needs a priority. Companies are starting to recognize Mental Health Days as crucial for overall productivity & employee satisfaction. Taking 24 hours to spend time outdoors disconnected, go on a walk, get a massage or do some yoga can do wonders to your mind & spirit.

3) Relaxation

Either visit your local spa or create your own spa at home. The at home spa is not always the easiest with a family at home. Either see if your spouse will hit the road 😊 or maybe drop the kids to a neighbor or grandparent, so you can relax in Peace.

4) Micro Technology Disconnect

Technology was created to make life easier, so you could be anywhere and still get work done or communicate easily with friends and family. Today society has become entirely too dependent on our technology(Smartphone, watches & tablets). Our busy lifestyles have created an underlying urge to be connected at all times, but constantly engaging with our handheld devices can have detrimental effects on our overall health and wellbeing. We allow it to consume our lives to a point if we don't check our phones almost every second we feel lost. Its ok that you don't respond instantly for your own health and wellness. You will actually find yourself being more productive with the micro technology downtime.

Try something simple to start out. Go for a walk around the block or at a near by park and leave the phone at home or in the car. You will feel relaxed and will be able to take in the beautiful roses around you. No longer will the walks be consumed with endless scrolling on apps like instagram that do nothing for our self-esteem & make us tap into comparison mode WAY more than we need to. If this is ringing a bell for you, time to disconnect for a bit in the name of self love

5) Yoga or Tai Chi

Both are amazing for overall health and helps you build strength and control. Both allow you to calm your mind and focus on the connection between your body and mind. These activities allow you to place your focus on your breathing and movements and block the busy world around us. Taking 20-30 minutes a day to build your internal health is nothing compare to the 8+ hours or 480+ minutes. 480+ minutes compare to just 20 minutes a day. That's simply nothing but yet we tend to push it aside in thinking we will get more work done. The same work will get done and probably in quicker time because you will learn control, so that your able to focus better. So remember 20 minutes out of 480 minutes is just a little peanut taken from the pile.

Stay focused, stay consistent, stay in the moment...

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