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Mindful shopping, mindful living

Updated: May 3, 2021

Is Mindful Shopping Really a Thing? Yes, mindful shopping is an essential aspect of our health and well-being. Today we were talking more and more about our health and at the same time mindful shopping is gaining popularity due to the nature of our shopping and also due to the opening of only essential stores without too many queues. . Mindful living can help create habits that benefit your health but also your wallet. When we just sit on Amazon or any other online store because we're bored, we tend to buy random things that we really don't need or want. Then after we get buyer's remorse and regret, we end up keeping it because it's too complicated to return it.

Five tips on how to stay alert while shopping

1) Focus on foods that are in open aisles and closer to the front door. generally less processed.

2) The colors of the rainbow are great for understanding which fruits and vegetables contain certain nutrients. It is best to have a balance between color and variety to maintain all the necessary micro-nutrients.

3) Our life is a butterfly effect ... what we eat affects mood, habits, cravings, energy levels etc ... Be aware of what is causing negative health effects in your life .

4) If it doesn't make you feel better, it's usually not good for you.

5) After placing something in your online cart, leave it for an hour or a day and go back and rate if you really need.

The last 2 items on the list may make you feel FOMO but not all were carved from the same stone. What makes you truly happy won't necessarily make another person happy. The fear of missing out on what someone else has created creates a bad state of mind that will lead you down the wrong path. Taking your own path will enlighten you, and at the end of the day you will feel 100% better. Social media is great for getting advice, but so many people hide the real side of their life and only show the amazing parts when in reality it is none of the above. Mindfulness will be the key to a big change in your lifestyle.

Stay focused, stay consistent, stay in the moment...

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