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Our Covid mental state, how its affecting our future...

Many people are struggling to create daily positivity, because the numerous restrictions and implications are lead to isolating and distancing from each other as a whole. However, it is amazing to see the resilience in so many strong people, whom are courageous and willing to fight back.

In these times, we need to be more thoughtful of others and try to be a helping hand, ear or social support for those whom are needing the guidance. It is our responsibility to treat others with respect and dignity, as more negativity will get us no where. In the quest to help others and serve, we must have true compassion and empathy to ensure our growth. Think of how much health benefits are involved from a positive mindset. It is proven our thought patterns can create placebo effects toward our immune system.

Unfortunately, media as a whole is very negative, They are creating a systemic conditioning that lures us into focusing on the negative aspects. When we have REAL mental toughness, we can control what we filter into our bodies. This moves us to a higher vibration and a significant deeper level of thought process.

The key to success is MEDITATION... without it we can not truly let go and go with the flow. Manifestations will naturally occur, our focus goes deeper, our desires arise and goals become crushed... Of course it's a process, but a lifestyle choice, which creates joy towards the process. Results are from consistency and routine with the process.

Another great tool is Yoga... I applaud all the great yoga teachers whom brought this practice mainstream, the benefits are amazing, and create a higher dimension of movement and quality of living. I have a few friends who teach Yoga and they're higher vibrational beings. They truly enjoy uplifting others. Imagine how many ladies enjoy letting loose and becoming stabile and mobile. It has changed the fitness world forever. Many men are buying into the practice and almost every professional sports team will have mandatory Yoga classes.. Why? because it has so many health benefits beyond the physical.

In retrospect, how are all the ladies coping whom can't go to the gym or attend weekly Yoga classes? I have many female friends and trainers who are doing amazing with improvising and spreading their motivation online. However, still going thru the same challenges as everyone else. The difference is their Mindset and focus. We all know lockdowns and the whole situation is brutal. But, can we control it? No... If not, should we try to change it? Yes we understand the need for caution and wearing a mask. But, overanalyzing a situation out of much of our control, then we should focus on OUR immune system, and boost it in any way possible...I give kudos to the great role models whom are constantly flooding social media with POSITIVITY & MOTIVATION everyday. They strive to uplift others through workouts, nutrition, or just a good laugh. These ladies deserve an applaud, and especially the ones who are MOTHERS!

The challenge of maintaining a career, getting your kids through online schooling and keeping the house in 1 piece. It's amazing the tenacity and wit that arose in so many Moms to became more resilient and find a way to thrive. Through faith and perseverance, anything is possible. Everyone was thrown into this, but only a few landed on their feet. So kudos to the moms kicking butt! And the ones who are struggling, we are always here to help guide and support to becomes victorious and overcome this hardship. Stay strong, stay consistent, stay healthy.



Coronavirus woman walking with surgical mask face protection walking in crowds

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