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The Power of GRATITUDE 🙏🏽

Plus 7 Mindfulness Techniques to ensure you live your DREAM LIFE

Gratitude is a perspective that changes the complete outlook of your life...

Did you wake up today thankful for everything you do have?


Did you wake up resentful for everything you don't have?

Start every day writing down 5 Things you are grateful for, and see how powerful this technique will be in your life...

Taking the time to be more mindful today is the difference between growth or regression.

Imagine you woke up in a third world country, with no basic necessities and you have to work tediously just to SURVIVE...

Would you be MORE grateful if the next day you woke up back at home...?

I think so... But why did you need to experience extreme poverty just to understand the privilege and opportunity that you have right in front of you...

That doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but it should bring clarity to how much you truly have... and should be thankful for.

The issue with human beings, is they tend to not see what they really have until it's TAKEN away... A terrible Mindset created by generational irrational logic and greed.

Be present, focused, and in-tune with your life, and your purpose.

Focusing on other people and being envious or jealous will only lead you to resentment, bitterness, and anger.

How can you create a life full of love, joy and happiness, if you can't enjoy the basics of life.

You need to be detached from vanity and material as we can't take it with us after this life.

But memories, experiences, and bonds we definitely can...

Our perception of what is "successful" or "happy" has been skewed by terrible ideologies and a materialistic mindset.

Wealth, travel and great experiences, can all be lived gracefully when you focus on yourself and aligning with a positive Mindset

Starting your day with gratitude, puts positive thoughts into your mind.

This leads to positive words being spoken, which leads to wiser actions taking place, into healthier and more mindful habits.

Which over time creates the DREAM of a life.

There is no secret to your best life... it just takes daily mindfulness practice, positive perspectives, control of your responses, and immense amount of GRATITUDE for what you DO have in your life...

Many people are on the pursuit of happiness, but they never take a step in the actual right direction... How can one create "happiness" if your focus is towards results vs the process, vanity vs detachment, a destination vs a journey, and "stuff" filing the void to make you happy? It's literally impossible... Your mind doesn't respond to reverse psychology as you perceive it to. The subconscious mind is trained based off thoughts, words, actions, habits, and experiences. If you always tell yourself "I will NOT be lazy, I will NOT be tired...etc the mind just hears, I AM lazy, I AM tired. Therefore, changing your internal language will completely change your MINDSET, and focus towards your actions, which over time creates the life that you are currently living.

Gratitude is merely a FOCUS on what we do have and can achieve today, compared to what we don't and won't... What good comes out of telling yourself to avoid the bad? Literally nothing... It would make more sense to FOCUS on what you want to have in your life and achieve, by consistently telling yourself these things already exist in your life and are present. This is the power of affirmations into manifestations... You are the creator, you have the power to create the life you desire, you have the opportunity to dream as big as you'd like! But, it takes daily focus, attention, and practice to create the life you deserve and want to experience. Life becomes VERY wholesome, fulfilling, and purposeful when you focus on positive perspectives and a positive attitude towards every opportunity that arises.

7 Simple Mindfulness Techniques to Enhance your life and Change Perspectives


Writing down anything is powerful, this is why you take notes in school, so you can engrave concepts or content into your mind. Therefore, writing down your daily goals, aspirations and dreams, is the most efficient way to visualize and put "into stone" the reality of what you are trying to achieve. You create the life you want by keeping track of your daily progress, daily intent/focus, and daily goals to work towards, whilst staying consistent and in-tune with the process. Affirmations place positive thoughts into your mind; manifestations place energy towards positive actions; consistent work towards to each creates better habits, and over time creates the mindset and lifestyle you desire.


Meditation is the art of "stillness". When you learn to truly be still in your body and mind, you begin to "meditate" and feel as if the two are one. Meditation is learning to be more aware and conscious of your thoughts, conditioning, and experiences as you perceive them. When thoughts or visualizations appear in your mind, it is your choice to react or objectively respond with logic and deeper perspectives in order to become "enlightened". Meditation is an ancient skill that has been practiced throughout so many religions, cultures and ages, that it has become widely known today for it's power and affect on the mind and your life. When you learn to live a "meditative" life, you perceive everything around you with more awareness and deeper intuition. Meditation has the ability to release endorphins through your pineal gland "Third eye", which is where the euphoric uplifting feelings arises from. As well, when you learn to let go of unnecessary attachments and become aligned with your vibrations, your body naturally heals, grows, and flows in the highest possible direction. This effect is what makes you feel rejuvenated, calm, and feeling as if you are light like a feather. There is scientific proof that the brain connects with different frequencies when we sit in specific positions, and align our "chakras" or energy hot spots. This turns on different lobes in the brain, and allows the body to release good hormones. Plus using "mudras" or hand alignment, is the way to channel your energy with purpose and direction to achieve specific results from each practice. Meditation is a LIFE SKILL, so expect it to take time to master. But, once you start to reap the rewards of consistency, you will begin to crave this "stillness" just as most cling to a substance as a crutch for their life. Meditate, don't medicate... Change your mindset, and be more in-tune with your highest self. This is the way to connecting the dots.

Walking in Nature

Nature has an amazing affect on the body and mind, because it brings you back into the present, while grounding you from any negative or "static" energy that is within you. The beauty that comes from seeing birds fly together, watching the trees sway smoothly, or seeing a river flow gracefully, are just some of the components that make earth so amazing and beyond perfect. Fresh air is a vital aspect for life and is what most people are usually chasing when they "go for a walk". The feeling of being timeless and being in-tune with your surroundings is what makes being outside feel so uplifting. This is why so many people enjoy camping, sitting on the beach, or climbing mountains. The freedom and tranquility that is associated with each of these places, is what humans need to feel grounded and "down to earth" in their life experiences. Having the ability to slow down and "smell the roses" is a very important part of enjoying life's journey, and staying in-sync with your life. If you ever feel over stimulated or anxious, just take 15-30 mins to walk barefoot on grass or on the beach, and see how much better you will feel after this experience. This is called "grounding", and it is a key technique to remaining calm and at ease with your energy levels. You are an electrical vibrating being, and sometimes you become over charged with all the "static" energy that you naturally collect everyday. Now a days you are surrounded with electrical outlets and powerful circuits that will create an imbalance in your internal battery. Tree hugging isn't a joke, it is actually something that people will do to extract their negative energy, and resonate back to their homeostasis. Set aside 20-3o mins everyday to walk in nature with no distractions, and feel the "grounding" affect that brings you back to a calmer state, where you function and perform at a better level.

Reading a book

Knowledge is power! But, so is having the ability to remain still and focused towards one task. Reading books is another form of "meditating" just with your eyes open and placing someone else's thoughts in your mind for the time being. Now a days technology has given you the tool to listen to books if you feel like reading is too difficult to make a hobby. However, the practice of reading is better stimulation and enhancement for your mind than just listening. Your mind has to try and remain open and clear in order create a picture that the author is trying to paint. All while trying to remain calm and still with your body. This practice of stillness is what creates an uplifting and peaceful experience from "getting lost" in your favourite books. Taking the time to develop your knowledge while aligning your mind and body with a deeper connection, is an important mindfulness practice that will take your life to a higher potential. Try to read at least 10-15 pages a day, to ensure daily reward of a growth mindset, combined with a mindfulness practice.

Playing a mental game

Games are such a great way to have fun and stimulate the mind, while sometimes enjoying the company of others. Using problem solving, comprehension, and memory recalling skills, all contribute to a healthy and strong mind. Some games create more stillness, while others can insight creativity and quick wittiness in order to win. Depending on what game you want to enjoy, there is so many types that can help you achieve many different strengths and skills. Using a game to build the mind is an easy way to make it feel as if you're not even trying to work on it. Changing the perspective or idea of working on your mind, is one way to ensure that you're not making it feel as if it is a chore to improve your mind. Have fun and enjoy the process. Mixing in different games time to time, even ones that you're not use too or strong at, is a great way of expanding all the areas of growth that is possible for your potential. Choosing the right game for the right time, can make all the difference in how your experience goes. Have fun and enjoy those game nights with friends!

Yoga flow

Yoga means so much more than just the North American interpretation of stretching and holding poses in a set flow. This practice is built from thousands of years of experience towards a way of living. It is something that many people are starting to fall in love with because of the experience and feelings that they receive after doing a productive "flow". Yoga has a deep principle of connecting your mind, body, and soul in order to be more present, aware, and in-tune with yourself. The meditative aspects and focus towards oneness is the reason you feel so uplifted and rejuvenated after a practice. Listening to your body and remaining conscious of your breath and mind, all bring together a perfect flow. People are more conscious of their body and exercise than typically their mind and soul. Therefore, when these become aligned, they crave the experience of what "yoga" delivers. Typically a "flow" begins in a grounding position that brings you more into the present and in a calmer state of mind. Then transitions to breath and body awareness while slowly working towards reducing tension and stress in all three bodies. The combination of awareness, tranquility, and attention, bring about peacefulness and relaxation that align and uplift the soul. Committing to mindfulness through "yoga flow" is one of the easiest ways to reconnect the mind, body, and soul to a higher wavelength and restore a harmonious balance.

Exercising/Strength training

The physical body is vastly in charge of the quality of movement that you have, and is the vital part for longevity in a quality life. Living a longer life also depends on how often you strengthen your cardiovascular output, maintain strong bones and joints, and upkeep lean muscle fibres for all your future endeavours. Your muscles need to work everyday or else they will deteriorate. The saying "use it or lose it" is a true statement. Typically, one week of no focused strength or cardiovascular training is connected to one month of regression. Plus, lifting weights is scientifically proven to strengthen your bones, while cardio is proven to strengthen the heart and lungs. Both are needed at least 2-3 times a week just to maintain an optimal physical body. For athletes who need to perform at a higher level of output, they will need to train 4-5 times a week with adequate recovery and rest to maximize their potential. Exercise is also proven to help release healthy hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which all contribute to a healthy functioning body and mind. Having a lower resting heart rate, regulated blood pressure, and healthy BMI (body mass index), ensures the physical body can perform at an optimal level, and continue working or performing for as many years as possible. Creating a routine that consistently maintains focus on the physical body is crucial for you achieving your strongest body and mind.


Gratitude is what creates a positive attitude, but also creates a positive perspective. Focusing on everything you do have, will make you appreciate the little things even more, and help you create a mindset that is fearless, driven, and focused towards everything you desire. When you have gratitude, you let go of doubt and worry because you know the opportunities that lie ahead of you are plentiful. You take more risks, and have bigger ambitions towards all your goals. Sometimes you need to be reminded of what is right in front of you, and remaining grateful is a key way to never miss the bigger picture. Starting your day with a positive perspective is helpful in maximizing the opportunities that arise today. Write down everything you're grateful for, and remind yourself daily of these things. This will train your sub-conscious mind to align with positivity and help you work towards staying active and present. Procrastination is typically a by-product of little gratitude. Because, if you knew how much you already have, it would give you energy to keep achieving more. Change your perspective and change your life.

We are grateful you've taken the time to level up your Mindset...

GRATITUDE leads to an amazing ATTITUDE! :)

Make the most of the gift that we have, which is the PRESENT...

Love ❤️

Team Mindset

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