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Learn how to teach Kids Mental Performance Skills!

Kids meditating and working out to incre

Parents are always searching for solutions to enlighten their kids and be something they continue to use tomorrow. That's not an smart device or game console :) We believe in our passion for helping the future kids become Mentally Stronger. 

As parents we always talk about how important it is to eat healthy or brush your teeth or yes, take a shower but we never talk about our mental strength. Do you remember ever talking about your mindset or meditating as a kid? But now many adults look to mediation and yoga to relieve stress. Teaching these core abilities early on will help kids down the road with their mindset.

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Mental strength creates confidence within kids that will help them with playing sports or getting a job in the future. Their mindset will be their core foundation allowing them to handle stress within sports but after sports within business. As Parents we always want the best for our kids, so why don't we talk about our mindset at all?  With this service we hope to help the kids of the future become mentally strong like Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali .

       Most sport parents have good intentions and want the very best for their child including the opportunity to have fun, be safe, and be successful. The number of abusive parents is very small. Unfortunately, you see many parents doing things such as pressuring their child or forgetting that it is just a game. These parents are not bad people; they have just lost perspective. They get sucked into an unhealthy perspective of sport by the rising pressure to win and develop talent, increasing possibilities (scholarships, winning), and increasing financial, time, and effort sacrifices. It is natural to want something special to come from your child’s sport. But, you want to be careful that you do not fall into the trap of emphasizing winning or pushing skills development over all other aspects of a child’s life. Otherwise, an unhealthy perspective creeps in over time. 

       All session will occur via an online meeting that can be viewable on a Mobile smartphone, tablet or computer. 

       This training will help overcome negative sport experiences, performance anxiety, fear of performance pressure and the inability to bring ones 'A' game to competition. Working with a Mindset coach can help unlock your child's full potential, not only in sport, but also in life. Mental performance addresses many aspects in sport, essentially aiming athletes toward optimal performance and well-being. Your child, like many athletes, works very hard on the physical and tactical training that is needed to be successful in athletics but may forget–or not know about–the importance of mindset training. We work with athletes on a variety of goals–whether they are looking to become better, getting back to where they once were, or working on recovering from an injury. Mindset want to help athletes of every age become physically strong and mentally stronger which is something overlooked during our founders training. We’ll work with your child to help improve skills like focus and imagery, as well as develop more complex mental states such as confidence and motivation. Learning how to cope in social situations, deal with tough emotions, and be more mindful everyday are just a few of the life skills that youth athletes will learn.


       Parents usually get their teens/kids involved in sports to move around but also learn life lessons like teamwork and determination. Unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable and repeated mistakes can impact us negatively. Something also a bad coach can cause and this is disheartening to see youth experience with no way out.

       MINDSET training puts an end to faking it until you make it and provide kids with the solutions that will help them overcome the negativity that surrounds us.

       This training was developed to:

  • Develop mental skills and physical skills at the same time

  • Ensure win or lose that a positive manner is left on the court

  • Help athletes that are working towards that elite level to be prepared for pros or college.

       Who is the MINDSET trainer?

MINDSET was started by Julian Service who played NCAA Div 1 & Pro level Baseball. He himself had some road blocks on his journey but continued to fight. He then went on to coach kids trying to go to the Elite level of sports, so they didn't have to overcome the same road blocks he experienced on his journey. 

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