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Mental Strength Coaching

Why do I need a Mental Strength coach?

Are you constantly having negative thoughts? Are you having a hard time being consistent or don't have the motivation to get to the finish line. Maybe sometimes you need emotional or mental support to get through a negative game or a confrontation at work. A Mental Strength coach is someone who is here to help you, through compassion, empathy, guidance and self experiences.

Why should I book with MINDSET to help me?

We are certified to help coach others BUT we also have learned from personal experience and why MINDSET was started. We offer 1 on 1 guidance and coaching based on our experiences and extensive trials and tribulations. This helped us eliminate mental health, emotional instability and cognitive dysfunction. We will teach you how to raise your energy levels and overall MINDSET through multiple methods that stem from Yoga, Meditation, physical conditioning and many philosophies that connect the mind body and spirit. Today, our COVID mental state will challenge us more then ever with these lockdowns and family separations but lets build a stronger you together and become tougher for tomorrow. Mental toughness will not come over night, but we promise a shortcut to ensuring success!

Mental strength coaching helps athletes and business individuals

Mental toughness trainer helps athletes and business leaders learn how to respond to adversity under pressure situations. Like we've mentioned in our blogs, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Steve Jobs are just a few top individuals that have a high level of mental strength.

What does a mental strength coach do for athletes and teams? Mental toughness training for athletes will help those looking to move to the elite level and obtain a scholarship or move to Pro. Our founder has personally played Division 1 and Pro level Baseball. Understand this, you can find a lot of valuable information on the internet or in books, but there still is no substitute for hiring an expert in a particular field. Our MINDSET Coaches will helps athletes improve mental skills and mental toughness so they can perform at their peak performance or improve in-game consistency.

Dealing with adversity such as athletic injury/etc

One example of mental strength is how an individual responds to injury. Athletes respond to injury in various ways, but many experience overwhelming feelings of anger, fear and sadness. These athletes may also experience a great sense of loss if told they will be out for a long time. That feeling might be delayed or immediate depending the severity of injury. Some will feel they can forcefully heal themselves to get back into the game and sometimes lie they are better, just to get back into the game. Mental strength will help you heal your body properly and understand the process to get back into the game, without long term affects. 

After talking with your doctor or surgeon, it’s common for those feelings to only become worse knowing that you have a long recovery ahead. For this reason, athletes must learn to separate the person from the athletic persona.

Performing under pressure

An outstanding athletes has the ability to perform consistently well under pressure. When the game is on the line, these athletes do not allow external factors to derail them from the end goal. Mental strength helps performers thrive under competitive situations. Mentally tough individuals elevate their performance when the game is on the line. We call these athletes, gamers. They don’t choke, fold, or get scared under pressure. And this is a learned skill through experience, mental skills, and a positive sport environment.

Managing high expectations

As any individual obtains more success, expectations for performance also elevate. Having high expectations can hurt self confidence when they fail to reach them. Having high expectations means any individual can feel more pressure to perform well. For example, expectations such as, “I must score 10 points every game” or “I shouldn’t make any mistakes,” cause athletes or any individual to worry about the outcome or results.

Expectations or demands that some place on the quality of their performance or outcomes, such as, “My performance should look or feel perfect all the time.” These standards on how you may think they should perform are often not rational. The problem is that these expectations cause athletes to constantly judge how well they’re performing or doing in a competition. Michael Jordan didn't score 100 points a game. Did you know he scored 2 points one game but because he was mentally tough, he is able to shift his focus and still workaround the road block.

Focus on the process, instead of outcomes

Higher level's of concentration is another characteristic found in individuals with mental strength. Having a high level of concentration means they have the ability to focus in the moment and on the correct performance cues that will help them perform. Likewise, good concentration also means dealing with distractions.

Focusing on the process, means being present in the moment. To be in the zone, you have to focus in on the moment, not the past or future. For example, when you dwell on a mistake, focus is split between the past and the next play. Also, thinking about future outcomes, for example, “I hope I don’t make a turnover” or “Don’t strike out” takes the focus away from the process during practice or competition.

Working on a stable level of Confidence

Self-confidence is how strongly you believe in your ability. Without a stable level of confidence, you simply can’t perform to your best ability. High confidence improves overall mental strength. Confidence helps any individual let go of mistakes quicker, perform with less fear and stay calm and composed.

Confidence develops over many years of practice and competition. It develops from past performance, success, training, preparation and mental toughness. Athletes gain confidence when they know they have the physical skills and talent to perform well in sport. Mental strength coaching helps athletes have stable confidence when they perform.

Managing emotions after setbacks & mistakes

It’s likely that you’ve been frustrated or angry with yourself after making a mistakes. Part of mental strength is having high composure and responding well after mishaps, mistakes, unfavored calls by officials, or any other challenge. When you dwell on mistakes, the mind is stuck in the past again, not focused on the present. This leads to feeling frustrated and then having a split focus. When you can let go of mistakes quickly, one mistake doesn’t turn into multiple mistakes. 

Improving consistency of performance with routines

A mental strength coach helps anyone develop proper routines. Routines help mentally and physically prepare for a self-paced skill, such as a free throw, golf shot, serve, or pitch. A routine helps athletes have a focused mindset to improve consistency in performance. Routines are ideal for helping athletes apply many of the mental strength strategies, such as focusing, confidence, and trusting skills.

The physical aspect of a routine is easy for most to implement. For example, a routine might include kicking the dirt into the plate while getting ready to bat. The mental parts of a routine are the most important. Mental routine includes the decision making, confidence building, focusing, and trusting skills, which are critical for a strong mental strength. Both the physical and mental components of a routine work together.

Summary of Mental Strength Coaching

Mental strength coaching helps improve consistency and take your practice to competition successfully. Those who lack mental strength are more likely to choke or fold. Mentally strong individuals possess many skills to help them be successful, such as managing competitive pressure, concentration, proactive confidence, trust in their skills, and the ability to stay composed after mistakes and mishaps.

Our passion and love for helping others is what will make you a better person today and tomorrow.

Our Mental Strength coaches are here to take you to the next Level! Get Started today with your Coach.

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