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How To Enjoy The Process More Than The Result

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Plus 11 Ways To Stay Focused On The Process Towards Success

The "Process" is a term many individuals hear consistently, but often don't truly understand what it really means... They understand striving for desirable results has a process, but typically not in the tedious manner they had imagined. You see, it may takes years of effort and consistency with ups & downs in order to create those desirable results. But, if you have big dreams, then enjoying the process and being obsessed with the present moment of what you're doing is actually going to create the best results you could ever dream of.

Unfortunately, life is very competitive and people get stuck in their own ways, which leads to inefficiency, bad habits, inconsistent mental wellbeing and consistently fighting against themselves, all in the pursuit of successful results. This vicious cycle creates stress and turmoil because their "mindset" is so focused on the wrong things. Over time this takes a significant toll on their health and wellbeing, because they've placed unnecessary stress on themselves instead of focusing on the "process" and what they can control. These individuals magnify the importance of attaining results. Even though the only way to create great results, is by amplifying the importance of attention to the little details, and maximizing the present.

There is NO RUSH when you're invested in the "process". You just make the most of your opportunity at hand, and control what you can control. You understand the road has bumps and challenges, but from those tough moments you grow smarter, stronger, and wiser to continuously level up your mindset. You see failure as learning, and an opportunity to adjust and adapt in order to be more successful. Success is a by-product of efficiency and effectiveness. Life feels easier when you focus on one task at a time, and staying away from inefficient multi-tasking.

Learning to enjoy the "process" and maintain focus on it, is more valuable for growth and development than worrying endlessly about the results. When people begin the journey towards achieving success in their passion, they typically get overwhelmed with how competitive and difficult it will be to reach "success" in a short manner of time. As many people want the results NOW. However, that's not realistic, nor achievable when striving for a successful life. Many individuals take numerous years to see a sliver of "success", but because they live in the present and enjoy the process, it doesn't matter if the results come today or tomorrow, because they know eventually it will come...

No matter what these individuals pursue, they do it with joy, playfulness, gratitude, passion, and consistency. You combine those qualities into one, and you have the recipe for success. Building the path to success takes one brick at a time. If you rush the brick you're laying right now, in hope to speed up the process of finishing the road impatiently, typically there will be mistakes that force you to fix issues or completely start over. Taking pride in living one day at a time and maximizing what you can control right now, is essential for effective growth and consistent results. Plus, having a "process" oriented mindset, will be more efficient in the long run, even though it seems slower for manifesting results.

In life, the more you run and try to chase & force success, the further away it gets from you; but, the more you consciously walk and attract & flow towards success, the closer to reality your visions become. Investing in the process, creates the result. Focusing on the result, means you're missing the bigger picture on HOW to change the results you're receiving. Changing the process, changes results.

A tree can not bare fruit if it doesn't grow strong roots to uptake nutrients to feed the tree. It also needs a strong stalk, branches, lots of healthy leaves, and the right environment for growth. So many factors of the process are needed to reap the reward. And if any of these components are lacking, the tree will be stressed to the point it can't reap fruit, which will lead to the tree creating seeds to survive for another chance next year. Some trees take years before they even bear fruit. Remember that when you're going through the process, and you are not seeing results yet. Take your time and focus on all the little details that feed and nurture your goals. With the right amount of effort and consistency, eventually you will reap your fruit.

11 Ways To Stay Focused On The Process vs Results

1. Slow Down

The perception of time is relevant to your focus. When you focus on moving slower, you see the little details easier and quicker. To be invested in the process takes patience and discipline. When you live in the present with no rush to get anywhere, you make smarter decisions and create better outcomes. Your pace of life changes your focus, in return changing the perception of time. When you are in tune with the natural flow of the universe, you enjoy the process and manifest favorable results. Take your time with everything you do, and naturally you'll be more focused on the process over results.

2. Be Present

Living in the present is the only way to truly experience life to the fullest. If your mind is wandering away from what you can control which is now, then you may be missing what's right in front of you. You maximize results by having complete focus in the present. Your mind focusing on the past or future, will cause you to miss the moments you should be seizing in the present. Opportunity only comes so many times, and no one is getting younger. It's best to make the most of what comes your way today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a mystery. Focusing on being mindful and conscious, will help create stillness within. This stillness brings attention to the present, and in return develops a better focus towards the process. Allowing responsiveness compared to reactivity is important for controlling your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions. Being responsive enhances your ability to create positive outcomes and results.

Gratitude is a key component for being more present. When you appreciate what you have or get to do, you slow down from chasing desires and understand you attract into your life. This helps you be more relaxed, calm, and logical, which creates better efficacy and efficiency in your life. Enjoy the present it's a gift.

3. Quiet Confidence

Remaining silent and humble will get you much further in life, compared to loud and boisterous. An individual who truly believes in themselves and trusts their own competency, has no need to flaunt or talk about anything, they just focus on actions and less words. Confidence is a reward from focusing on the process, because you have no need to be anxious or upset in regards to the results. You see failure as learning, and challenges as growth. You realize you can only control yourself in the present, and this develops confidence. Those who focus on results create arrogance and not confidence. They're missing the bigger picture and therefore, identifying with the result. Good results they're happy, bad results they're mad. Life is full of unfortunate results when learning and growing. If you focus on the results it will deter you from transforming into a self master down the road. Focus on the process and you will create desirable results. Trust the process and you will develop more confidence.

4. Control What You Can

Can you control yesterday ? Can you control tomorrow ? Asking yourself these questions will remind you that you're always living in the present and, that you should be more focused on controlling yourself in the moment. Yesterday taught you lessons, and tomorrow will be created by everything today. Your level of awareness towards controlling your current thoughts, words, actions, & emotions, will dictate your ability to live in the present and focus on the process. Having attention to others or things out of your control, will create stress, anger, impatience and hardships. Low vibrational emotions bring negative energy and a tough life. Remaining in control of yourself and focusing on what you can control, will lead to a cool, calm, & collected lifestyle, that allows for more opportunity to be focused on the process and enjoying the journey. Understanding this principle will lead you down a path of fulfilment, patience and wisdom.

A routine is necessary to stay consistent, and consistency creates better results. Ensuring you have an efficient routine, helps you consistently focus on the process and the necessary steps needed to stay consistent and create positive results. The beauty about the human brain, if you do anything long enough, it becomes a habit. Of course this can be helpful or detrimental depending on what habits you create. But, if you put forth the effort to develop an efficient and healthy routine, eventually it will become second nature, and you won't have to consciously try so hard to accomplish the same results. When your subconscious mind has the ability to take control, you become more efficient and effective in how you maneuver and operate. A routine is necessary for success, because it creates consistency. With consistency comes growth, and with growth comes better results. Staying focused on the process creates the right habits, helps develop a smarter routine and keeps you on track for consistent results.

6. Focus On The Little Details

Big dreams and goals take small puzzle pieces to create that picture. As well, the little details amplify the quality of the bigger picture. Value of the picture is determined by focus, and patience. Just like diamonds, the more clarity the higher the value. The higher the value, the longer the diamond took to be created. Many people are diamonds in the rough, but choose to remain unfound as it takes too much self work. If they begin to change their focus and sculpt themselves from within, they begin to unveil the diamond inside them. However, you need to undergo pressure and challenges in order to unveil the diamond within you. Your focus, patience, & mindset will determine the clarity of the picture you create. The clearer the picture, the more likely you will manifest it into your reality. For a clear and concise end result, focusing on the important little details is key for positive outcomes. Building an amazing brick road, takes one brick laid as perfect as can be for every brick. This process is tedious, time consuming, and tiresome, but the end result is unique, spectacular, and wholesome. If you want to achieve anything great, focus on the little details and build your envisioned masterpiece on brick at a time.

7. One Task At A Time

In today's world, it is easy to believe that multi-tasking is necessary for completing many tasks on time. Even though this creates less quality results, it seems to be getting things done at a faster rate. Realistically it's setting you up for going back over and correcting mistakes from the lack of attention to the little details. Today's fast paced lifestyles and longer lists of responsibilities, creates a scattered mindset that can't focus on one thing at a time. Over stimulation and a lack of stillness typically is the driving force. There are many individuals who don't understand how to balance productivity and efficiency. Also, many individuals who have a tough time focusing on one task at a time, which is why they try to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. This mindset leads to worse results, and scattered thought patterns that create unnecessary stress. If you consistently are trying to do multiple things at once, you will create a habit of not being able to focus on one task at a time. Investing in the process is accepting you should only be 100% focused on one task at a time, because that's all you can control. Putting your full effort and attention to that one task, will be much more beneficial for the end results you desire.

8. Quality over Quantity

Sometimes less is more, or more is less. Depending on how you approach working on your skills, you will either focus on volume or caliber of your efforts. Practice makes permanent not perfect. So, getting caught up in quantity without quality, will create bad habits due to not understanding the importance of attention to the little details. It takes more effort to create quality efforts, and the amount of energy you have to spend is higher. Focusing on quality over quantity keeps you driven by the process, as you are enjoying the journey. Wanting to reach the finish line prematurely, will diminish the opportunity for valuable experiences and wisdom. The issue with quantity without quality, is the bad repetitions along the way that act as steps backwards in the process and progress. Quality creates steps forward at a steady rate. Quantity without focus creates an illusion of forward progress while creating stagnant progress. The quality of your work will take you further than the quantity...

Along the road of life there will be many learning lessons we call "failure". However, true failure is repeating the same learning mistakes without effort to correct them. Then it becomes a choice to not adapt and grow. You have to do great things poorly before you can master them. Some of the best individuals in their field took years of trial and error before they fully grasped any concept or skill. Plus, many of them have "failed" more times than many will even attempt. A big part of the process is making mistakes and learning how to adjustment for the next challenge with a smarter approach and a better mindset. You are learning everyday, and you will continue to learn for the rest of your life if you choose to have a growth mindset. One that sees everything around them as their classroom for learning. It is valuable to learn from other failures too, a it ensures an even smoother process than those before you. Why learn the hard way, if someone has already experienced it and can give you wisdom on how to approach it wiser ? No one is perfect, and even the pros in their fields make mistakes. The difference is the mindset towards the process, and understanding you create success by learning from the good and the bad days. Failure is all a perception, you either let it teach you or hurt your ego, the choice is yours. Perfectionism only hinders your opportunity for growth. Acceptance that you are human is vital for remaining playful and joyful during the process.

10. Take Breaks

Often people get caught up in over working as it seems beneficial for results and income. But, too much of anything is good for nothing. If you over step the balance between work and play or rest, you may start to create harmful effects to your health because of stress. Creating a routine that has adequate rest, recovery, and rejuvenation, will set you up to be more productive and healthy while striving for big goals and dreams. 15-30 minute breaks after 4 hours of work, has proven to increase mood, psyche, and productivity, as you maintain a balance of focus and energy. Doing any task longer than 4 hours straight is proven to reduce efficacy and efficiency and actually create worser results than those who only work for 4 hours straight. High performance individuals have a regimented and busy routine. Ensuring their is adequate mindfulness breaks and grounding of built up energy is crucial for staying invested in the process and not getting too focused on the results you have to achieve. Rome wasn't built in a day, take your time and give yourself breaks.

11. Have Fun Stay Playful

One of the most important aspects to remember is staying playful and enjoying the process. When you are playful, you're willing to do tedious tasks more often as you are passionate and don't see it as work or a chore. Having a playful mindset keeps you positively fuelled to just have fun and love the journey. Adults tend to forget life should be playful and fun because they deal with daunting responsibilities that children don't. But, I guarantee, whenever you did something to the best of your ability, you were having fun and being passionate along the way. The process is meant to be joyful, and remaining playful helps you bounce back quicker and laugh off mistakes or hiccups that naturally happen along the journey. If you are not having fun in life, that means you're missing the bigger picture of everything you should be grateful for. Follow your passions, live with positivity, more happiness, and tons of laughter. The more you remain a child on the inside for the right reasons, the better you manifest your dreams and desires. See the world as your playground, and just have fun.


The Process is always what creates Results. Depending on your focus, it will determine if your results are average or spectacular. You always have the choice to create and manifest whatever you desire, but it takes attention to the little details and patience for greatness to truly fruition. Slowing down the pace of life is crucial for making better decisions and remaining logical in times of distress or adversity. Stillness brings peace, and peace brings positive energy to continuously grow and move forward. Moving too fast will remind you of the story about the torus & the hare. Just because the illusion of moving fast makes you believe you're closer to the finish line, realistically, the wiser more patient path is always going to help you reap better and quicker rewards. It's up to you to change your perception. The more you slow down, the more you live in the present. Which is truly the gift of life. You experience everything to the fullest when you choose to keep your mind in the moment. From that mindfulness you live a happier and more fulfilled life. When you remember to control what you can control and focus on the little details, you let go of unnecessary stress, and seize opportunities more consistently that may be challenging or adverse. The little details paint the bigger picture, and you can only lay one brick at a time. Put your best effort forth on each brick, and watch as your dream path starts unfolding in front of you. Having a routine sets you up for success. It keeps you on track, and helps creates promising habits that lead you in the right direction. Make life easier and create the most efficient and effective routine for yourself. Adding in mindfulness breaks and adequate time to enjoy life and your passions are necessary for maintaining positive mental health and psyche.

The quality of your work is more valuable than the quantity of your output, because quantity lacks quality. If you want to develop anything to the fullest, take your time and choose quality. The integrity and value of your efforts will be more worth while for yourself and others.

Always remember failure is just attempts in learning. Without those mess ups you could never grow in order to become the person you need to be. Enjoy the process and love every part of the journey. You need rain to make rainbows 🌈

Having fun and staying playful gets you through the tough times with ease. The ability to laugh at yourself in tough times is an amazing quality. Keep that inner child alive, and make the world your playground. You will always be at your best, when you're being playful and enjoying life with joy and happiness.

Stay Strong, Stay Consistent, Stay Healthy, Stay in the moment & Keep developing yourself

Level Up !

Love ❤️

Team Mindset

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