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How To Use Mindfulness To Create A Healthier Mindset

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Plus 5 Tips For Practicing Mindfulness

Now a days people are becoming aware of the influence that nutrition has on the body, but are forgetting the power of thoughts on the mind.

Practicing mindfulness is the key to removing negative, unproductive, and unhelpful thoughts, that will de-rail you from your highest path. Learning to be more present is the key to staying responsive vs reactive.

Mindfulness is the understanding of how to be more aware, and control the "chatter" in the mind by remaining present and in the moment. Like any other skill, it takes consistent effort and daily exercise to upkeep a healthy mindset.

Simple Tips For Practicing Mindfulness

This ancient skill is what connects you to your higher self, and provides you more awareness and attention to your life. Practicing meditation takes effort and consistency like any other life skill, even though it can be easily tapped into with-in 30 to 6o seconds. Many beginners have trouble remaining still in the body and mind simultaneously, which is what makes it difficult to feel as if one is meditating. Meditation is having a non-judgmental and objective awareness to ones thoughts and senses in the present moment, while aligning the body's vibrational connection or frequency. It is Influenced by your experiences and overall attention, and depending on your focus, it aligns you with what you need to hear or see in order to heal or grow.


Taking the time to pay attention to what tasks you are performing while remaining one task oriented is helpful on maximizing your decisions and total outcomes. Multi-tasking is really doing many things fairly or poorly simultaneously in order to seem more productive. But, realistically you will likely have to go back and improve mistakes that occurred due to the lack of focus.

If you have to think, how did I end up eating a full bag of chips? while scrolling through insta feeds, as you're watching your favourite Netflix series... It's probably time to have a little more focus on your routine. Take the time to be more mindful and aware, this focus will direct you towards your highest path.

Body Awareness

Listening to your body is vital for remaining injury and pain free, but also to enjoy the highest quality of living. Taking the time to exercise, stretch, relax, and rest, are what gives you the possibility for a productive and adventurous lifestyle. Staying in-tune with your body gives you the ability to think smarter about how hard and when to step on the gas. The body is meant to be pushed and challenged, but remaining in-sync at all times will give you the comfort of consistent performance and longevity.

Slow Down

Life has become fast paced due to the nature of society, and its constant stimulation. Taking the time to breath and slow down, is important in remaining mindful and present. You have the control to remain still in your mind while the body is performing tasks. In fact, the more still the mind is, the better the body performs. Imagine any task you've completed excellently, what was the state of your mind? Cool, calm, and collected? Typically, the best results are achieved with this mindset. Remaining still in the mind gives you the ability to be one step ahead while still excelling at the present task. As well, having a slower perspective to life, creates wiser decisions and better outcomes.

Using Mindfulness to Let go of Negative Thoughts

Practicing mindfulness gives you the ability to reduce negative self-talk and irrational thinking to a healthy level. It does this by providing the skill to stop, analyze and then respond to the emotion that you're experiencing.

You may receive thoughts in times of pressure or performance that are created from past negative experiences. But, mindfulness gives you the ability to identify the messages from your thoughts and emotions in order to act appropriately. Having the ability to identify the reason for the negative or unhelpful thoughts, is what gives you the power to change the mental tune.

Change comes from action, and action comes from effort. So if you want to improve your mind from being paralyzed or stuck in a negative thought pattern, it takes conscious effort and daily practice. Start with taking one step forward at a time.

Life is a marathon not a sprint. If you focus on the finish line before you even get started, it may seem unrealistic. Stay focused on the process and not the results, this will ensure you have complete attention towards every detail, and therefore consistency of the best results.


Mindfulness is not just a skill but a way of living. Setting out the correct time to journal, eat healthy, exercise, develop the mind, and remain conscious, is the way to a healthy mindset and an amazing lifestyle. We have the ability to align with our highest goals and dreams when we learn to attract compared to chase. This takes time and patience, but anything great isn't easy, and anything easy isn't great. Be willing to work on your mindfulness practice daily to reap the rewards of a resilient and present mind.

Love ❤️

Team Mindset

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