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The Importance Of Letting Go... and Living For the Now ☀️

Plus 7 Ways to remove negative thoughts, experiences, and trauma that's creating your own self-sabotage.

Unfortunately, in your life you are going to experience negative circumstances and harsh trauma that if you let it, will lead you down a path of anger, pain and misery. But, if you choose to respond correctly to those negative experiences, you will be able to really heal, grow, and then flow with an even stronger mental fortitude than you could have ever even imagined.

However, if you have no control over your thoughts, and never learn how to address those issues from your past, then those negative thoughts will continuously arise sub-consciously, and will consistently lead you down a path of self-sabotage. No matter how hard you consciously try to avoid thinking about them, the sub-conscious mind will keep throwing negativity back in your head, until you resolve those issues that you're choosing to hold on to. This will constantly make you question yourself "why do I keep having these thoughts pop into my head?" "I never even thought about them?"...

The mind is trying to tell you that it needs to heal and detach from those thoughts or experiences. You need to address those thoughts instead of sweeping them under the rug, because if you don't, your mind will never detach from those negative experiences, and it will choose to keep replaying them over and over until you do. The universe tries to teach you in mysterious ways, all based off your higher purpose and divine path, it will try to use those experiences to help you grow and become the person you are meant to be.

Plus, you are meant to be vibrating at the highest frequencies which are love, joy, and peace. So, the universe is trying to get you on those frequencies however it needs to be done. Sometimes, it's through hardships, failure, and negativity, to teach you how to be resilient, successful, and positive in all aspects of your life. But, if you ignore these signs, you will never get out of your own negative thought pattern, that will create a life filled with anger, pain, fear and agony.

These are the lowest vibrational frequencies you can experience as a human. If you remain at those lower vibrations, your life will feel very weary, negative, depressing and attached to an ego that actually feeds into your own misery. You have to use the past as a way to become wiser, smarter, detached and stronger in order to become the best version of yourself, which is what the universe always intended. But, the universe always gives you a choice... The choice to be conscious, in-tune, and open to create your own "fate" towards your best destiny. Or, unconscious, tuned-out, and closed off from your higher self trying to guide you to your best and happiest path. That voice in your head is your highest self, and the more heightened your intuition is, the better you will listen to it. This will connect you to the divine intelligence within your DNA. 🧬

This divine intelligence is what makes you a special Hum-ming being. You are just atoms vibrating together at different frequencies. This is why you have "chakras" that align with specific frequencies. If you are not resonating correctly in some aspect of your life, then that "chakra" will become turned off or under/over-stimulated, and you will feel "off", "unwell", or attached, without even knowing why... But the reason why, is because you are an electro-magnetic being. and if there is an issue in your circuit, the body will not function correctly, and create issues with connections between the mind, body, and soul. The reason for meditation, yoga, and grounding in nature, is to realign these chakras so the three bodies can live harmoniously and in-sync with one another.

The power of your mind is immense, and if you don't stay mindful of your thoughts by trying to remain conscious and living in the present, your past will try to haunt you everyday, and persistently lead you back down a path of constantly reliving those terrible experiences. However, you have the opportunity today, to look at all of those experiences with a healthy objective view, and a mature positive perspective that will help you heal, grow, and go with the flow in becoming your best self in the now.

Control what you can control... and if those experiences were out of your control, and you're still alive, then that means those past experiences only made you stronger and possibly all happened for a reason. So embrace them, and use them to empower yourself, instead of living in fear and or misery. "Easy times make for weak men" strength comes from being resilient and having no choice but to grow and adapt. If you never went through harsh weathering or challenges, then how could you truly grow and reveal your best characteristics or hidden talents. Sometimes you need those tough times to develop the person you were always meant to be. Mountains went through intense pressure and harsh times in order to become so tall, unique, and beautiful.

7 Ways to remove negative thoughts, experiences, and trauma that's creating your own self-sabotage.

1. Write it down, then throw it away

One of the first steps in removing a negative thought or experience is to write it down. The power of addressing the issue, physically taking it out of your head, then it tearing up or burning the paper gives you a visual of erasing that thought or memory. Using physical connections to a mental imagery is very helpful in guiding the mind to remove that sub-conscious thought, and having the ability to now let go. The physical connection you have in your mind when you delete or remove something is connected to the brain for completely moving on and detaching from that thought or experience. The reason you throw something out, is because it no longer serves anymore purpose to you. Once you have learned from that experience it is time to move on for healing and growth. If you want to train the brain the best, writing it down is key; but, also if you want to extract something from the mind, writing it down is beneficial to seeing it pulled out and then tossed away. If you want to let it go, you have to be willing to address the issue and then learn from it maturely in-order to be wiser and stronger for the present and future.

2. Use Journalling to re-train the sub-conscious mind

Journalling is the most powerful way to visually see what goals and affirmations you are trying to align with. Re-training the sub-conscious mind takes years of consistent conscious effort in order to achieve results. Daily journalling is crucial for placing positive thoughts in your mind that will replace the negative ones currently causing negative self-talk, actions, habits or lifestyle. If you want to change your life, you need to change your thoughts. By writing down gratitudes, affirmations, manifestations and goals, you direct your mind towards positive outcomes and a new reality. You have to see it to believe it. Anything you believe you can achieve. So, your first steps in re-training the mind are putting healthier and more positive thoughts in your head. When you visually see them and write them out, they engrave into your mind much better. Hence why they make you write out notes in school to retain information better. The power of writing things down is amazing, and if you want to change your mind, you need to write things down, and then speak them out loud. Positive thoughts lead to conscious words, conscious words lead to smarter actions, smarter actions lead to better habits, better habits lead to a healthy lifestyle. Write it down, then say it out loud. This will work wonders for you!

3. Talk about it with someone you trust

You need to release whatever thoughts, emotions or memories that you're holding onto and creating self-sabotage with. If you never let them go, they will always linger in the back of your mind, and creep in at un-wanted times. When something is subconsciously engraved, then you don't have the luxury of turning it off when it decides to enter your mind. Most of the time certain triggers will be the root cause of why they pop up unexpectedly, and you may be able to minimize the occurrences by remaining conscious of your triggers, but the more you freely discuss these negative thoughts, the better they will flow out of your mind and help you heal for the best version of yourself. The key to feeling free of any burdens is becoming more transparent and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with the right people. Make sure you feel comfortable opening up about your insecurities or past traumas, just so you don't feel judged or even worse just because you were choosing to share with the wrong individuals. The right people will be empathetic, compassionate, open minded and just a great set of listening ears. They should be detached from their own opinions and just try to objectively hear you out to give sound and logical advice that will guide you towards growth and positive transformation. Be open, be transparent, be vulnerable. This will set you free and allow you to feel much more comfortable with yourself and your own past. Plus, opening up to others may show you that others have had similar experiences or traumas that you each can heal and grow from. Sharing is caring.

4. Live more in the present

The gift of life is living in the present. The more you can enjoy your life in the moment, the better it will become. When your mind is still and present, then you have no focus towards past issues, or the future challenges to come. Understand you can never go backwards nor can you jump to the future. If you don't make the best of the present moment right now, you will completely miss the opportunity to create the future you are so anxious about. Happiness can only be experienced in the present, so if you want a joyful life, it takes being a present and conscious mind to be focused on living in the moment. All of your best experiences were always when you were present and aware of the experience taking place. If not, then down the road you reflect on those times and realize you missed out on enjoying those experiences to the max. Either your mind was too focused on what's next, or you were too focused on what's just passed. Going with the flow is all about rolling with the punches and controlling what you can control. When you are present, you listen better, think positively, converse intelligently, act consciously, and truly begin living a care free lifestyle. This doesn't mean you don't care, it just means you don't allow things to affect you when they are out of your control, or serve no purpose to your life. You will experience life to the fullest and seize every opportunity you deserve when you are present. Allow the mind to drift away and not be present, and deal with the consequences of emotional instability, negative thoughts popping in your head, and bad actions that you will lead you to regrets that you need to fix, in-order to get back to a positive head space. You can only live in the present, so let go of the past and learn from it, and understand worrying about what's to come next will just keep you missing the opportunities that are presenting themselves for you to live your best future. You have the choice, what will you do with it?

5. Meditate with affirmations

Meditation is the best practice for stillness of the body. Meditation allows for thoughts to flow in, then flow out. The key is learning how to remain detached from these thoughts, so that you can objectively learn from what they are trying to teach you in order to become truly enlightened. Meditation allows the mind to be empty so that whatever the subconscious mind needs to direct you towards, either for healing or growth, will consistently lead you with higher intuition towards what is the truth or the best path for the present moment. Affirmations are "I am" statements that train the conscious and subconscious mind to align in-order for manifestations to happen in reality. The power of the mind is enormous, and just placing specific thoughts in the mind as if they are already occurring or taking place, will begin to align your thoughts, words, actions and habits in the direction of those affirmations. Meditating while repeating your affirmations is a powerful technique to really engrave those attributes into your complete mind. The mind will lead itself to whatever you put inside it, and focus intently towards. For example, if you keep saying in your mind "I am patient", you will be presented opportunities to be more patient. The universe will challenge your thoughts to see if you are capable of staying conscious and in control of the opportunities in the present. As well, you will see situations with the thought of being more patient because you told the subconscious mind that you are patient. Therefore, it will try to remind you of the smarter thoughts, words ,and actions to take in-order to be wiser and more patient in that moment. This goes for any other aspect of your life. If you say "I am empathetic", the universe will present opportunities to be more empathetic, which over time will create better habits of being empathetic. Therefore, developing the skills, attributes or virtues that you want to live, takes time and consistency of behaving in the correct manner. Affirmations are the key to better thoughts and the best life possible. Combine them with deep meditation, and you will see how well the mind becomes very aware of every opportunity you have to act accordingly to what you are striving to become. Tell the mind you are, and watch yourself become it.

6. Forgive others and yourself

Forgiveness is for you, and no one else. If you ever asked for forgiveness for your words or actions, it was because your conscience was killing you... Therefore, no matter if you liked the person or not, you felt it was necessary to ask for forgiveness so you can move forward and have no guilt or regrets. Guilt leads to negative vibrations, and bad vibes lead to a miserable life. This is the universal laws within your DNA guiding you to align back with a positive frequency and vibration. When you're not being a positive up beat person, life around you seems to keep getting harder and harder, which makes you more miserable. This is all a perception, but your vibe is your tribe. So, if you're putting out a bad vibe into the universe, you will attract the wrong tribe than you really desire. They will just lead you to more bad vibes, but it all stemmed from your initial negative energy that you put into the universe. Forgiveness is the key to healing. It helps you let go of mistakes or past trauma, and helps you overcome those times with a much healthier and better perspective. Everyone has their own traumas they've gone through, and this should allow you to have more empathy towards others as they have their own demons or battles they're overcoming too. When something happens in the past, it was just an experience for you to grow stronger and wiser. As long as if you're willing to have a mature mindset, to move forward and learn from the past. Much of your traumas were out of your control, yes? So, why should they control you...? The strongest people come from the toughest journeys... Use these experiences to make you stronger, or potentially help someone else who is going through a similar experience. Maybe you're here to help others struggling with the same trauma...? We can all help each other heal and grow into our best versions of each other. Forgiving those who hurt you or mistreated you will allow you to break free from those holds, and help you live more in the present. Hate, anger, pain, bitterness, are all emotions at a very low frequency. If you hold onto these emotions within you, you will never be able to heal or grow into the person you truly want to become. As well, you will never live a positive life because your thoughts are focused on negative energy. Negative thoughts bring a negative life, Holding onto negative memories, will lead you to only more negative thoughts, and this will eventually spiral out of control, if you never address those thoughts objectively in-order to learn from them and become stronger. If you want to live your best life, forgive yourself and others, because no one is perfect, and everyone has their own issues. So, potentially those who mistreated you where just being unconscious or dealing with their own issues. Have compassion and empathy and try to put yourself in their shoes. This will help you logically understand why those experiences happened, so you can properly heal and move forward with a positive perspective and no regrets or guilt in your heart. If you want to grow, learn to let go.

7. Detachment from what is out of your control

One of the biggest aspects in life is detachment. The better you can detach emotions and thoughts towards anything, the more logically you will behave and condone yourself. 90% of your life is out of your control, can you think of anything you're trying to control that isn't in your control...? A great exercise is to draw 3 circles that circumference each other, and in the middle one you put what you "know" is in your control. The 2nd circle is what you "think" you have control of, and the last circle is what you "know" you have no control of. Now once you've finished filling in the circles, do you notice anything in the "think" circle that you actually don't have control of? This is a great visual exercise to remind yourself that you really only have control of yourself. You may think that you can persuade others or somewhat guide things in the direction that you want them to go. But, realistically this will teach you all the things in your life that you have no control of. The more you can understand this concept, the better you will handle yourself and feel more at ease with your overall life. Stress is created in the mind when it is focused on things it can't control. This is why so many people have anxiety. They are not present and too focused on things that is out of their control right now. If you want to be more present, control what you can, which is only right now. When things happen outside of your control, it's up to you if you choose to respond logically and correctly to make the best outcomes accordingly. If you are reacting to anything, you are not present and or in control of your thoughts. You are acting impulsively and only instinctual. Instincts are meant to protect you but, may not be the best way to handle certain situations. Living a joyful and carefree lifestyle comes from being present and only focused on what you can control. If you're worried about other people, you will only get angry or upset, which are all internal choices for someone else's negative behaviour. The wisest individuals focus on themselves in a selfless way, and understand the world doesn't revolve around them, and is mostly out of their control. Let go of this attachment to your ego, and trying to be perfect or in control of everything or everyone around you. This will lead you to becoming the best version of yourself who is cool, calm, and collected, and one who doesn't get phased by anything. Control what you can control... your thoughts, words, actions, and habits!


Letting go and living in the present go hand in hand. If you want to live in the present you have to detach. If you want to go with the flow, you have to let things go...

Try to always find the positives in every situation and you will never get upset. When you understand 90% of life is out of your hands, you'll realize you were trying to focus on the wrong aspects instead of just yourself. Your past is in the past... Why should it hold you down from living the best life you deserve now? You always have the choice of what thoughts or mindset you maintain. If you want to move forward, then take the time to heal and build a really strong foundation to set yourself up for positive growth and future challenges. Life is a challenge so that you can learn to develop and grow. Transparency and vulnerability are what create really mentally strong individuals. Be willing to talk or reflect on the past so you can learn from it and then let it go. If you never work on your traumas then they will continuously pop back into your mind until to fix them because triggers will naturally bring them back into your head. Sometimes you have to go backwards to create the tension needed to go forward. Take a few steps back and heal, then launch yourself in the right direction with more knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to handle life with a healthy and positive mindset. Let go, and go with the flow, this will allow you to truly grow :)

Stay strong, stay consistent, stay healthy, stay in the moment & keep developing yourself!

Love ❤️

Team Mindset

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