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Resilience: A Key Skill For Mental Toughness, In Times of COVID

Updated: May 3, 2021

Plus 9 Effective Ways to Become more Resilient.

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Resilience is a word we hear time after time associated with mental toughness and the ability to endure. Having the tenacity to push through hardships and challenges is true resilience. Not only physically, but mentally for sure. Anything difficult physically, is first experienced in the mind. The body listens to the mind, and if its the other way around than unfortunately compulsiveness has become a habit that needs to be fixed. When we have true resilience, we can Bounce Back from tough situations and make quick adjustments to strengthen our mind and body in order to achieve our desired results..

Many people believe resilience is a personality trait, but this is not true. Like any other skill, it is learned and mastered, but it will take time and effort to create this skill. Some individuals may have grown up in different environments that pushed them to become more resilient in order to survive. But, that does not mean you can not reach their level of mastery. Everything is a process, it's just a matter of time and energy. With proper intention and practice, you can become more resilient, no matter what your age is.

Covid-19 has become a large global issue and a hardship that we must learn to manage and overcome for the present and future to come. Now that lockdowns are starting to roll out again all over due to the increase in cases, We must be resilient in how we approach this setback and focus on what we really can control. How we manage our mindset, routine and physical well being will crucially impact our mental state for months & years to come.

Some of the main traits we see in VERY resilient individuals is:

  • Autonomous- self-controlling and not governed by outside forces.

  • Have a realistic awareness of self- Understand who they are, and stay within reality. Understand all actions can have consequences.

  • Adaptable- make constant adjustments to ensure best results

  • Optimistic- See the glass "half full" vs "half empty" See the brighter side of life

  • Pragmatic- Sound reasons and logic in decision making. No compulsiveness

  • Socially connected-Networks well with others. Keeps positive and accountable friends/acquaintances. Builds bridges, doesn't burn them

  • Demonstrate self-compassion- Maintains healthy & positive self-talk

9 effective ways to become more resilient:

1) Build your connections

- Keep positive and healthy growth minded people in your circle, your tribe is your vibe. Take a look in your core friends and family circle, are they toxic or elevating your potential. Having optimistic people around you, changes your way of approaching situations, and how you may go about different obstacles. Pessimistic people will always bring you down. "Your best friend could be your worst enemy" so be smart of who you keep in your tribe, and be willing to let go of people who unconsciously make you sink.

Be open to networking with different people, you never know what may come from it.

2) Learn coping skills

- Set out adequate time to elevate your mindfulness by using meditation and breathing techniques. Make sure you schedule out "unplugged" time, to truly unwind and let go of constant stimulation. Mental resilience is about having the ability to turn it on and off. Deep tranquility and moments of solitude are necessary to really focus on yourself and maintain the direction you need to be headed towards.

- Pick up a hobby that distracts your mind and de-stresses your day. This is a great way to reduce burn out, by focusing on a different task that switches your mindset from your job or responsibilities. This may be art, music, fitness, or whatever suits your liking.

- Use nature as a way to "ground-out" negative energy, and tune back into the moment. The power of nature and water are amazing, potentially going for a scenic walk or taking a quick swim, can highly reduce and alleviate stress and tension.

3) Work on your physical well being

- Nutrition is vital to how the body functions. We are what we eat! Macro & Micro nutrients are key for maximizing physical and mental performance. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet, and getting the necessary micronutrients (i.e vitamins & minerals) that help you thrive in your routine. Improper nutrition can lead to brain fog, tiredness, mood swings.

- Hydration is also VERY important... We are 60% or more water, and it is vital for cellular production, brain function, and muscular contractions. Focus on 2-4 Litres of water a day to maintain healthy levels. Urine color is a great way to monitor your hydration level. Clear to slight yellow taint is ideal. Improper hydration can lead to headaches, heartburn, digestion issues.

- Exercise is necessary for maintaining lean muscle mass and strong bone density. Keeping physically fit also releases good endorphins that elevate your mood and energy levels. Pushing the boundaries of the physical body, is helpful in conditioning the mind to know its true potential. Cardiovascular and muscular health is KEY to maximizing quality of living. Use it or lose it!

- Sleep and recovery are just as needed as physical fitness. Without it our body can not repair and rejuvenate to be at its best for the next task. A consistent sleep schedule will help reduce brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, and body soreness. Take pride in recovering efficiently, so no external boosters such as caffeine or sugar are needed to get through your day.

4) Adjust thought patterns

- Keep an open and growth mindset that focuses on your goals and needs. Positive healthy self-talk is key to maintaining success through tough times or challenges. Having a logical and rational approach will create better emotional stability and reduce opportunity for "rollercoaster" emotions. As well, logic makes better decisions than compulsive emotional reactions. Sometimes take a step back and really think, what would be the best approach to this situation?... Don't let success go to your head, or failure go to your heart. Stay even keel and work in silence.

- See the good in all situations, and be optimistic about any outcome. Those who say they can and those who say they can't, are both usually right"... Fear is an illusion, even though danger is real. But, how we think can completely change the outcome and end results. Believe it to achieve it.

5) Create a positive efficient routine

- Have a balanced work/play/rest schedule. Too much of anything is good for nothing. We are most productive when we maintain balance to ensure less chance of burn-out. Having a healthy routine that gives times for each aspect is important to maximizing our quality of living. Schedule adequate "me" time to ensure mental rejuvenation and emotional stability is maintained. Having go-to de-stressors such as: fitness, art, music, games, help change thought patterns from your busy day and elevate your mental state.

Routine and consistency is the foundation for mental toughness, and having a smart and healthy routine will set you up for success.

6) Filter media and news, "take it with a grain of salt"

- Set out times to check in with current events, but don't constantly keep it in your face or ear. What you surround yourself with, directly affects your sub-conscience, mood and outlook on situations.

- Does it affect you? no..? then tune it out. No reason to focus on what you can't control.

- Most of it is negative "fluff" to get you to constantly watch their station, negativity sells more and draws more people to constantly "check in" with the issues. Listen to the facts from experts, filter as needed, and make your own conclusions.

7) Uplift others, no need for negativity, we're all in this together

- More negativity only make it worse, be a force for others to want to raise up to your vibration. Be an example of what others want to be like, and help others raise up to you. No one is above or below each other, but how we condone ourselves is a direct correlation to our mindset and approach in life. Resilient individuals know how to keep their vibe up and do not let external factors affect or bring them down. Stay strong and maintain that positivity!

8) Get out of your comfort zone

- Be willing to try new things and potentially fail. The only way to know if you enjoy or are good at something is to try it. But, don't get discouraged if you fail in your first few attempt, because some of the most successful people in their field have had lots of failures before they ever got the hang of it. Learning takes failure, so make adjustments and move forward. Having a fixed mindset will never take you to new heights. And believing you will master anything in the first try is unrealistic. Be resilient in your approach and keep trying.

9) Laugh at yourself

- Don't be too serious all the time, that only leads to more difficult situations, laughter is key for true happiness. It helps overcome failure or mistakes with a better perspective. If we can't laugh at ourselves then life is going to be VERY hard, when it doesn't need to be. Have a sense of humor about things without making things a joke. We can still be serious about a task, but willing to laugh off mistakes or misjudgments in order to make light of things and be our best. The most resilient individuals can overcome any setback with a quick laugh and then move forward. Being too serious will not make anyone encouraged to keep adjusting. Life is no joke, but a sense of humor will go a long way!

No matter what we are going through in life, we need to always be able to bounce back and make adjustments to move forward and reach our goals. External factors in our environment, work place, relationships, will always be there and are apart of life. But, how we manage them is the main difference between happiness and agony. We are all going through tough hardships with Covid-19 and lockdowns. But, if we manage our selves to the best that we can, then we will find ways to elevate our mindset and overall well being to triumph and crush Covid's negative damper. Humans have always had to be VERY resilient in order to defeat other issues such as: plagues, wars, famines and hardships like no other. So, we in this current time must look back to our ancestors and see what strength we are coming from. Believe in yourself and have trust and faith. We will get through this together, one step at a time!

Stay healthy...Stay strong...Stay Safe!

Level Up!



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